Things Lauren Likes!

First and foremost – my husband, The Artist – because the softest part of him is his teeth.

Miss15 & Miss12 – reminding me every day how the world is changing. And forcing me to remember that I’m a grown woman.  That cartilage piercing a few months back was not such a crash hot idea.  I’m giving it another six months and if it still hurts to sleep on it, I’m taking it out.  Just saying.

Mom and Gumpy – why I am like I am – your fault or victory?

The team from Absolut, Coke Zero and a slice of lemon- making me a nicer person after 5pm.

And the most recent addition of joy in my life – Koda the Retriever – who has a great instagram account – you can follow him @koda_the_retriever.  This is how he looks.  Is he not handsome?

A most gorgeous dog.

A most gorgeous dog.

Can’t think of anything much else rocking my world.  Except for you gorgeous peeps that read my blog.

And the small and very close circle of the inner circle.  You know who you are – and how much you mean to me.

Love and light




  1. helena wylie

    what fun! i had such a good laugh reading your blog- it is written with such good humour and at the same it is interesting and wise!
    write and tell me more…

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