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So, it you’ d told me six years ago I was going to be turning 46 today I would have boxed your ears, or given you a warm klap as my countrymen would say.  Because, how ridiculous is that???????

If you’re wondering how things are hanging, a bit too much if you must ask.  Also been battling with a bit of a lurgy that saw me at the chemist late last night with an antibiotic script made out to Miss14.  Tonsils are tonsils after all.  Except some have white and red spots on them and feel like they are trying to razor their way out of your throat.  And Amoxicillin is Amoxicillin – doesn’t matter whose name is on the paper.  We won’t talk about the toxic waste coming out of my nose and chest because that’s just gross.

And I bet what you’re all really wondering about is THE PRESENT!!!!!  Well, truth be told I banked myself a weekend in Melbourne with my mates a few weeks back – you surely saw all the pictures?  If not I know you joined a cult somewhere and fell off the grid.  So that was the present at the time.  But The Artist is not one to arrive empty handed. This morning as I sat down to my coffee I nearly suffocated an Apple Watch (they are not comfortable to sit on, in case you were wondering).  After the shock wore off, we decided I am not ready for that kind of commitment and people already talk funny about me sometimes – imagine if I walked around like 007 talking into my wrist?  There was also mention of a Tag Heuer – Tag Heuer say what????????? However a couple of years back I was gifted a watch for my anniversary that I love dearly and am not ready to send to the drawer where all the old watches go. The replacement gift arrived at lunchtime enclosed in one of those lovely blue boxes that all the girls like to receive.  [note to the blokes – you can never go wrong with Tiffany].

Always a winner

Always a winner

So, what are the take out’s 46 year’s in?  Very different from six years ago people.  Very different.  Because happiness has been redefined as I know it.  And here goes.

  • Running on adrenalin does not make for happy.  Being present in the moment most of the time makes for happy.
  • The world doesn’t end if you don’t go to gym five days a week.  It does end however if you don’t make it to hot yoga on a Saturday morning.
  • 4pm is not for answering emails you didn’t get to whilst fetching the kids from school at 3.30pm and driving them home.  4pm is for walking Koda and breathing and looking at the beautiful headland across Lurline Bay, Coogee and Maroubra.  And the world does end if you don’t do this.  Because guilt.

And finally, there is such a thing as a mental health day.  The first time I heard of this thing I scoffed and laughed and sneered.  Well look who’s laughing now. It’s a real thing people.  It’s like an adult time-out.  I don’t know whether everyone needs it but I’m telling you that I embrace it instead of fighting it. If you don’t already – give it a shot.  Magic stuff.

On that note I’m going to hunt for my friend Nurofen or Panadol (whoever I see first) because the tonsils are sending out SOS messages again. Thanks as always to all of you for the birthday love.

Love and light

Lauren xxx