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There are times when sometimes you wonder about the universe.  Because it can be so fucking wonderful and so fucking shit at the same time.  I honestly try every single day to find the good.  And I always do.  Like the whales yesterday off the Maroubra headland.  And the black lorikeets today. Nature truly can lift the soul.

Today was quite ordinary though.  My bus was MIA for half an hour.  The silver fox driving it looked perplexed when I asked about the tracker that connects to the app not being activated.  Eyes were rolled (his, not mine because I’m not disrespectful like that) and I decided to move right along.

Some challenges presented themselves a bit later resulting in me needing a bit of a drink at around 3pm but one simply does not roll a glass of champers at that time of the afternoon on a Wednesday.  So I took the dog for a walk.

Now all of you that have had eyes on Koda I sadly inform you that you need to stand down because he has found his great love.  Six weeks ago another Goldie called Lily moved into the area.  People have remarked that they have watched these two together and it’s as if no-one else exists.  This is true.  Another truth is that Lily has the devil in her most of the time and takes to torturing her gorgeous mother.

It was Jolina’s birthday today and she was having a real shit of a day.  In her 4×4 monster she clipped a smallish Fiat on South Dowling (after sitting in traffic for three hours) and didn’t realise (because she was practically catatonic from sitting in the aforementioned traffic for three hours) but the Fiat owner promptly reported her to the nearest police station.  Let’s just say they didn’t call her to say Happy Birthday to you.

After frolicking with Koda for a good ten minutes the evil took hold and Lily found the thickest, blackest mud to lie down in.  She was like Topdeck.  But black underneath.  And then she promptly jumped on Koda who then became like upside down Topdeck.  Jolina was going to cry.  But one simply doesn’t cry on one’s birthday.  I had a “fuck this” moment and told her we were taking the dog’s swimming in the Mahon Pools.  She looked at me like I was a crazy person.  Because there are big signs like this everywhere.

NO DOGS!!!!! NO DOGS!!!!!

I told her to just follow. These were desperate times.  And it was her birthday for God’s sake.

And then they refused to jump in.  To the child that left his ball down there we bless you for your foresight. Jolina threw it in which sparked some interest from Lily who approached the edge of the pool cautiously.  Jolina was quick to kick her in the arse, straight into the pool.  Like a boss.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t howling with laughter at this point.  Koda is more of a follower than a leader so boom! in he went.  Monkey see, monkey do.  I hauled both out by their collars because getting in was easier than getting out it seemed.  And just like that we had too perfectly gold, golden retrievers.  This is what #winning looked like today. And man, oh man was I feeling a bit better.

So were Lily and Koda (I think).  They are smiling, no?


The wayward Lily was immediately leashed as observed in this picture.  We are only stupid once.

And strange, but true everyone felt better.  We laughed like lunatics, saw some more whales, shared some deep, dark truths about making life less stressful.

I know I have said this many times over, but this dog has changed my life, not only bringing me perspective but also allowing me to meet some beautiful people.

Keep it real people – life’s too short.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

The Hug

Indulge me.

Today was challenging.  Interestingly not because of the people in my immediate orbit because they were most lovely.  Sometimes the challenge is residual.  And it builds stress.  And the anticipation of the residual builds even more stress.  My stomach was twisting itself in knots by 10am today.  I knew it would already last night.

But this is not the point of the story.

Before I hit home I dashed out for some sushi and ran into an old friend.  We discussed toxic environments.  And bad people.  And we agreed it was so important to create distance from those things.  Not the immediate point of the story but definitely a point of reference.

I ran late today and part of my stress related to my golden child being on his own for almost six hours.  He doesn’t care because he just sleeps but I have the Jewish mother guilts because I’m a crazy dog lady and I care.

I burst through the door juggling two computers and a handbag and my phone started to ring.  Programmed as I am, like most of us are, I answered.  And then I saw my Koda waiting for me in the passage.  With his beautiful face, his open  heart and good intentions – always.  Even when he rolls in the poo.  I said to the person that I had to go and that I would call back later.  Because I needed to hug my dog.  I needed to hug my dog.

Koda - realigning of chakras :)

Koda – realigning of chakras 🙂

When things don’t make sense sometimes you need to recalibrate, bury your face in something warm and furry that loves unconditionally and talk complete nonsense to him about how he is the moon, the stars and how you love him infinity.

And then all is well in the world.

Love and light

Lauren xxx