Now some of you might get upset when you read this on my behalf.  I am just going to put it out there and tell you what happened.

Today at a client, a gentleman of elderly years and not very good hearing asked me if I was expecting.  At first I thought I had misheard (as I suffer from wax build-up sometimes) but he persisted when I said no I was not in fact pregnant – almost as if he wasn’t sure that I wasn’t sure I was telling him the truth.

I nearly got upset until I started unpacking this one, going through what I was wearing today, evaluating the few kilo’s one has recently acquired, posture? and why he might have thought this thought.  And then it hit me.  It is my youthful glow!!!!!!  I bought a new foundation yesterday and took care with the application of my make-up this morning so I was in fact glowing like a preggie.  As I have recently meandered into my 46th year of life (something I shared with him), another baby is unlikely at this stage.  As unlikely as me participating in the 2020 Olympics in fact, unless there is a donut eating competition.



So I am going to take this one as a compliment that he even thought I was still in the baby making business.

Miss17 is at home studying for exams and came to my office yowling about the tragedy that befalls her each month being a woman.  The yowling was about to graduate to hysterical tears when I relayed the story of my pregnancy.  It was like someone had pushed pause on the remote and changed the channel.  She liked that one – yes she did.  On exiting the room, newly invigorated with laughter she reminded me that she would disown me if I was ever to get pregnant again. As The Artist and I have told them time and time again, we have only ever had sex twice – that is why we have the two of them.

Love and light

Yours glowingly

Lauren xxx

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