The long walk to work

Yesterday The Artist took Precious in to the Temple of Mechanics of German Engineering located in Darlinghurst.  Being organised he anticipated that taxi’s would be lining up three deep to drive him into the city at 8.30am.  Because that is a totally realistic assessment of the traffic and transport situation on a Tuesday morning when you are about 1km from the centre of the Big Smoke.

You might not have noticed but it’s a bit hot at the moment.  If you know The Artist, you will know that hot is not his thing.  He sweats like a whore in church in the dead of winter.  In fact, he wore a t-shirt to gallivant around Queenstown a few years ago in July. Point firmly made.

I was happily entrenched in an air-conditioned office at my place of work when the text messages began to fly.  Concerned for his wellbeing because I often wonder how he gets from A to B without me I enquired how he travelled to work on that day.  (It was already 25 degrees when I left the house at 7am that morning)……


Not the answer I was honestly expecting, to which I replied – why did you not catch the bus?  Which opened a whole new can of worms about an Opal Card that I had appropriated last year.  Now granted, The Artist had purchased it from somewhere but I had made the effort to take it and call the good people from the call centre and get it registered, hooked up to my credit card and put in my name.

And while sharing is caring my next move was to log onto that Opal account and order him his own card.

Much unhappiness because he is firmly of the opinion that he does not need it.  Wrong.

I pointed out to him that Transport NSW are not going to be changing this system anytime soon and that strategically he is well placed to have his own card on his person at all times.  Much grunting about the amount of charges from Opal going through on credit cards.  Miss13 and Miss16 are frequent flyers.

I think however that he softened when I mentioned that he will keep the card for a few years until he’s due for the concession one.


Soon, soon babe xxx

Sometimes the silence is deafening.

(Laughs quietly to oneself).

Love and light

Lauren xxx



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