Behaving badly beach club style – a sad tale by my good self

Today we ventured all of a 100 metres from our hotel suite to a place of repute called Nikki Beach. It came recommended and is very beautiful. Also small children are not allowed. Hence part of my excitement (I no longer have small children so I am allowed to say this again after a brief hiatus).

The serenity was immediate, disturbed only by the loud club music and me trying to make myself understood about the gin and tonic I needed.

the serenity

After a short while some very rambunctious Aussies abroad fueled by wine and sangria launched into the water. All except one who had an oozing burn on her leg who walked her dirty feet along the bar and then plonked her bum down on it, legs akimbo, lest her burn get wet. The Artist was dry heaving at this point. A bigger cossie might also have been in order for a lady of her mature years.

Once the shock wore off our attention was diverted to two Eastern Block couples. It is my unprofessional opinion that the ladies were professionals on a working holiday with two men who in no lifetime could score partners like that. There’s batting above your average and then there’s sheer ridiculousness. There was some under the water action that I cannot speak of as this is not a porn blog. There was also pimple squeezing with a tissue casually left on the pool bar top. At this point I was holding my head in my hands keening quietly to myself and debating whether there was ever going to be hope for this world when such people live among us – pimple squeezing in a public place should come with a good flogging.

I’m now going to try and reboot my brain and rid myself of the nastiness I have witnessed at this fine establishment today. It is happy hour and I’m trying to restore my faith.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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