Walking Etiquette and the Poop

When you have a dog, particularly a sizeable unit, it is mandatory to walk twice a day.  Because otherwise the beast gets feral and will dig up your garden or make his displeasure known all night moving around your bedroom and grunting in disgust as you try, unsuccessfully to sleep.

There is also an established etiquette when you walk your dog.  According to the Randwick City Council  (and other council’s I’m led to believe, but none are so vigilant as our friends in Randwick) the said dog should be on a lead.  All well and fine if the dog is well trained to walk on the lead.  Not so good if he is 35kg’s of un-contained strength and joy.  Having done the math it is cheaper to pay the fines than have reconstructive shoulder surgery on an annual basis or twice a year, depending on your dog’s sense of joy.

Other things to take into account are other people’s lawns.  When we leave the house we cross over our road and head down towards the ocean.  On this strip there are some fine homes and equally fine grass.  Koda needs to pee for the first time approximately 30 metres from the house.  Not a problem.  However the next two homes and their lawns are a cause for stress.  The first gentleman cuts his lawn by hand.  Yes, you read it right, by hand.  It is like a beautiful fluffy carpet.  Koda is not allowed to poop there.  However,  he doesn’t know this aside from the begging on my part when he parks his bum down and smiles at me with his “do  you dare me” look.  It is particularly bad if he is feeling defiant that day AND he is having a softer movement.

koda and the lawn

And it looks like it’s nice and soft on his tushy.  As a means of comparison, and there is no judgement in this statement, observe the lawn in the background.  This lawn he can use as his toilet.

Finally, it is unbecoming of your dog to bound enthusiastically up to every single dog he sees to be their best friend.  It hurts the feelings of both the dog and its owner when the dog being approached tries to eat your dog.  It is not the correct etiquette to shout “don’t you dare you little bastard” when the the offending dog tries to eat your over friendly one.  Even when the said dog is literally a smallish maltese poodle type.

And I must add a small postscript here – it is equally rude and uncool when your dog’s little bestie disappears into a bush, eats poo and then when it reappears – you smell it before you actually see it – you grab your dog and run away  (The Artist).

Sometimes it’s hard being an overprotective mother.  I hear it’s worse for the father.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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