Why why why?

Today I can only say this.

Something’s fuckity.

I am justified in my fuckityness because my car, only two years young was towed in to the dealership – THREE DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

Why? Why? Why?  More importantly – how? how? how?

I won’t bore you with the details of how long we had to wait to get through to the service department to speak to someone who assured me they will look at the car.  On the 30th of December.  As you do.

Now I realise that perhaps I should maybe have taken notice of the random message that popped up and then promptly disappeared a few days ago from the onboard computer in the car.  Something about stop-start being disabled.  And there might have been some engine cutting out and such.

Last night I held my breath as I ferried Miss13 and a friend home from a party.  So I mentioned it to The Artist as he was falling asleep.  Let’s just say it worked better than a can of Red Bull.  I was not in a position to provide any good information so I turned over and went to sleep.

After some to-ing and fro-ing Roadside Assist showed up this morning and ordered a tow truck.  No more driving for you young lady.

My towie arrived a few hours later jumped out of the truck and said – what happened now? 

I was like Excuse Me? And was about to launch into a diatribe about how I’d already taken major shit from my husband.

Then I realised we knew each other.  From about 18 months ago when I drove over a bolt on a Sunday and my run-flat tyres were in fact not built for such punishment. I wrote about it here.  I went on to tell him that since we saw each other last I had replaced at least two tyres that I could remember – one as recently as three weeks ago!

Some people just cop it he said. And laughed to himself as he drove my shuddering car onto the flatbed. Get a Tesla he suggested – great car, great service.  I told him maybe in another life after I have put the children through private school etcetera etcetera.  We spoke about whether this was actually worth it in the end and he told me he’s not buckling under the pressure currently being applied by his wife to do the same.  Stay strong I urged.  Stay strong.  I see a Tesla in his future.

It's okay - they know me here.

It’s okay – they know me here.

I am now waiting impatiently for a return call after waiting impatiently for 2pm to call and start negotiating for a loan car.  I strategised with The Artist and decided it was better to make the approach after lunch when everyone has a full tummy.

However, with the festive season and the timing and all I have a strong feeling I’ll be making much use of TripView and the services on offer by Transport NSW. It’s fine, I’m not fancy like that.

Sucking this one up.  Big time.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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