Le Anniversaire de not yet 20

It is the time again of le anniversaire (I always think of it in French). And by God! We’ve made it another year. 19 to be exact and  much back slapping going on here. A year ago I wrote this in a great hurry because I had forgotten it, almost, and saved myself (totally).

Last night I went to bed with the best intentions of waking up like my usual half blind with sleep in my raggedy tshirt sexy self and going to make us coffee smothering The Artist with kisses.  The reality was that I cannon-balled out of bed at 5.45am when the alarm woke me up to get a job out for a client.  I fell onto my computer like a woman possessed (if only I had fallen onto the The Artist like this! 🙂 is all I’m saying).  Then I screamed like a banshee for 20 minutes trying to get Miss16 out of the house to a choir practice while The Artist tried to follow me to the car holding her sports bra that had fallen out of her bag.  More screeching. Oh, the entertainment for the neighbours.  There was total loss of dignity for all concerned.

Forty five minutes later bolstered by eggs, toast and coffee, thundering to work I realised it was le anniversaries. Major fail again.

The Artist had apparently remembered when he woke up but didn’t want to break my hysterical momentum.  That’s a partnership for you.

And like any partnership, it has it’s challenges.  I’m not going to bullshit you that every day is smooth sailing.  And about that proverbial bed of roses……..

Most of the time we get on each other’s nerves something shocking. But at the end of the day we’re a team. And this past  year has been extraordinary. That man has had my back through a professional upheaval, the loss of some friends, dealing with two teenage girls and other general craziness.

Sometimes even when you are confident and out there with a badass attitude (that’s me I’m talking about by the way) it’s comforting to have someone walking behind you swinging that baseball bat. Just in case.

We might not be completely normal (many, many will attest to that – not the least of whom are our children) but it’s always one hell of an interesting ride.

And as long as there is laughter and love, the cup runneth over.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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