Would you steal the shoes?

I heard an extraordinary story yesterday.  At a concert in Sydney on Wednesday night, a certain Wiz Khalifa took it upon himself to do a bit of crowd surfing.  As you do.  Well, he jumped onto that crowd and they body surfed him for approximately five seconds before dropping him onto the floor.  Problem.  Enter his mountainous security detail who safely transported him back to stage.  Problem solved.  Except not.

Because he was now without his shoes.

This had to be told to me twice.

“What do you mean without his shoes?”me

“They stole his shoes”.

“Who stole his shoes?”me

“The crowd”.

What?  Why? Why would they steal his shoes?  You mean, they ripped his shoes off him?”me

“Yes, they wanted souveniers.”

Now in the civilised place that I consider my world, one does not simply take someone else’s shoes off their feet. Aside from the grossness of it – they are someone else’s shoes for God’s sake! It is rude, just rude.

Wiz apparently felt similarly which resulted in a five minute standoff with the crowd while he bargained the return of the shoes for his return to the microphone.  Apparently “dreaming my friend, dreaming.  Those shoes are already on their way somewhere to be sold on eBay for a mint”.  So like any true professional he took off his socks – generously chucked them to the crowd – lest they need some socks to go with his shoes and promptly posted on Instagram that he continued his performance barefoot.  Bravo sir, bravo.

Rolling it barefoot because he got rolled!

Rolling it barefoot because he got rolled!

This generated a discussion last night around the dinner table.  It seems I am living with two thieves.  Both The Artist and Miss16 would roll a person for their shoes.  The Artist is lusting after the boot that Joel Stransky kicked that drop goal with in the 1995 Rugby World Cup.  He would not sell it on eBay – he would put it in a glass box and put it in a place of honour in the house – his man cave because it’s not going in the lounge.

The boot that The Artist would roll Joel for.

The boot that The Artist would roll Joel for.

Miss 16 is less selective saying that those shoes (that used to belong to Wiz) would be worth a fortune and I think her motives are purely financial. She would definitely swipe shoes and isn’t fussed about which celebrity would fall victim to her crime.

Miss13 and I will continue to fly the flag of honesty in this house – someone clearly has to have their feet planted securely on the ground in the hope that they can keep their shoes.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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