Looking a gift horse in the mouth – another Fathers Day fail

So today I did something that according to the shop assistant “literally never happens”.  And why you ask?  Because it shouldn’t.

When a person buys their husband a pair of Timberlands it is completely not within anyone’s realm of understanding that the said husband should be so unstylish as to not want the pair of Timberlands.

I give you the graphics below to demonstrate their fashion forwardness and cutting edge style.


Now I am not suggesting for one minute that The Artist don a fur coat and a leather glove. Nor am I advocating for the leather pants, however much I dig that look.  But the Timberlands with some camo might see him get some action.  Is all I’m saying.

While the shop assistant and I lamented over the complete madness and ingratitude of it all, he gifted me with a hefty store credit that will no doubt see my good self or the Misses 13 and 16 trotting a new pair of somethings in the foreseeable future.

One thing is for certain, so help me I am not buying The Artist any more gifts.  I have spent too much time in this lifetime returning them.  Instead I have come up with a fail safe solution – I will gift him in sexual favours from now on.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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