That posturepedic feeling!

The Artist has just threatened to take out an IVO to stop me from writing about him.  Hahahahahahahaha.

I reminded him that it’s called an AVO and it should technically I supposed be called an IWO (Internet Writing Order) – now there’s a precedent we can set. But let’s move on and allow me to continue.

A few days ago I was called upon to give my opinion on a posturepedic bed that The Artist had found online.  For the dog.

I decided to run with this as the dog was sleeping on an old mat from the children’s room which was making a complete eyesore of my bedroom.  However, for the love of the dog I was prepared to let my eyes bleed every time I approached the bed.  Such is my sacrifice.

On Saturday I was corralled off to a large pet store as The Artist was not confident about buying a bed online and wanted to see it with his hands if you know what I mean.  He got the full experience.

The bed in question was at the very bottom of a very big pile of dog beds.  Together with the store kid (and with some help from yours truly) we wrestled the bed out from under the other 35 and laid it out in all it’s glory – with it’s fluffy top on the floor.  The Artist laid down on it and commented it was quite comfortable and thought perhaps Koda would appreciate it.

We then stepped back to admire its aesthetic quality when I noticed it had three black spots on the right hand side of the white fluffy top that I hadn’t noticed before. Now the store was not that well lit and The Artist went in for a closer look and another hands on experience.  There was a some poking and prodding and the spots seem to be raising themselves out of the fluff.  Because they were caterpillars. Black fluffy caterpillars.

Well, there was all sorts of wailing and hand flapping from me. The store kid looked like he wanted to vomit and had to be vociferously encouraged to pick up the infected bed and take it outside. There was no sale that day as you can imagine.

Not to be discouraged, The Artist graced the halls of the Temple of Ikea yesterday and had to explain to a woman in the baby section that he was considering a mattress – he didn’t have a bed that it needed to fit into and nor did he have a baby. Once the misunderstanding had cleared up she thought it was rather wonderful that this man was selecting a firm and good mattress for his dog to sleep on because it showed how much he cared. (Relegates Crazy Cat Lady to the corner!)

Koda had a fantastic night’s sleep last night and looks forward to many more.

koda bed

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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