Casting Stones

I was going to make you all read a blog post and then to be honest I figured I could just write this on Facebook and then someone messaged me to ask why I wasn’t blogging so here we are.

Parenting. If you’re not a parent you’ll probably be totally bored by this and think “first world problems” so save yourselves now and click over back to Facebook or Tinder.

The thing about parenting is that it’s competitive – when our kids are born we’re all barracking to see who sleeps longest, walks first, talks first, cuts the first tooth.  (Disappointingly Miss Almost13 and Miss16 never crawled and walked at the sad old age of 18 months – not up to par ladies is all I’m saying).

Then its about social groups and school and who’s who in the ballet studio or sports field.

We hit the teenage years and all of a sudden no-one wants to be first. No-one wants the child that is the first.

Talking to The Artist this weekend I was saying, no parent should cast a stone.

Because like death and taxes you can be sure that a teenager, any teenager – be they first, or second or twenty second – will at some point drink too much, throw up, pass out, get high, have sex or wear a dress that’s a bit low cut (*confessing this low cut dress statement might or might refer to a Finn* – but by God! she looked beautiful).

Take a trip down memory lane.   We’ve all been there.  Every.Single.One of Us.

So there can be no casting of stones – because sometimes they bounce back quicker than you might think.

Love and light
Lauren xxx

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