Dancing in the rain

So last week Friday I started to write this shitty negative rant.  I got half way through and realised that I didn’t really care that much about the people that had caused my ranting nor what they did to cause it.  Because I am not that person anymore.

And this week, was simply lovely.

I met friends for dinner on Tuesday night.  China Diner in Bondi people – it’s a must – but only if you have completely insane cool friends that make you laugh and laugh and laugh.  And talk about their husband’s underpants – yes Deb ladies – here’s looking at you kid x.  And talk about the big issues of teenage children – all the while knowing how terribly bad we were at that age.  We tell stories that other people would judge but we don’t – we find reasons to comfort each other in the face of children behaving badly.  And we mock the children.  And drink too much wine and then call for the UberHusband to come and pick up three cackling ladies.  Not a moment after the call is placed, it is promptly forgotten and more wine is ordered.  So the UberHusband is left with no choice but to find parking and come inside and chat at 11pm at night.  Love you longtime Mickey C xxx.  It is also important that one of your friends walks in on a strange man in the bathroom who has neglected to lock the door and then apologies so often he must certainly have finished his business by the time she backed out. And you are collapsed laughing in the passage unable to even get to your own toilet cubicle.

It rained like a mofo on Thursday morning.  Coupled with an accident on the Harbour Bridge – I was thirty five minutes late for a meeting because there were simply just NO CABS and half an hour later, I took the bus.  Love me public transport – even under trying circumstances.   Note to self, MUST, simply MUST get an Opal Card. (not a sponsored post).  And here’s another thing you don’t know about me.  I love the rain. (And hate umbrellas – which is stupid really because is self-destructive behaviour if you dig deeply into it).  When I was a kid I literally used to dance in the rain in my garden.  Because only witches melt in the rain.  So here’s this, just this.


I have also discovered a new strategy – when people are being rude to each other and the conversation is not to my liking I “put my ears on”.  You can too – log onto SoundCloud or Spotify or whatever floats your boat and turn it up LOUD.  The world literally goes away and all you can listen to an awesome Hozier Take me to church tune remixed by DJ Mike.  Good times. Survival. Gotta get me some of those Beats by Apple formerly know as Dr Dre – note to The Artist for Mother’s Day 🙂

Tonight I go to my first World Cup Cricket game – South Africa (obviously) v West Indies.  Before The Artist and I were dating (and he was ignoring that I was alive), the office where we were both employed (if you can call what I did a job) did the end of year gig at The Wanderers Cricket Stadium – I cannot for love or money remember who was playing but The Artist remembers that I sat backwards in my seat THE WHOLE DAY so I could talk to him while he ignored me.  That worked out well for him. Clearly.

So as we approach the weekend, I’m taking this opportunity to wish my home team SUCCESS at tonight’s game.  Go!!!! You good thang’s!!!!!  If you didn’t see this in the lead up to the Cricket World Cup and you’re an ex-Saffer and you care – give this a watch because it’s awesome and it might make you cry a little.  Because it did me.

I’m hoping to see many of you at the game tonight.  My heart is Green and Gold.  Flying the flag.

Love and light

Lauren xxx




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