Fortune favours the brave

It’s been twelve days since my last post…..I feel like a Catholic at confession.

And yes father readers and friends, here’s something you didn’t know.  I can’t write when things are too heavy and I think I might create the wrong impression.

I made a very big life decision just over 10 days ago.  I realised that it was time for a new challenge and I resigned from my job. A job that I have lived and breathed for eight years.  And it’s been good for the most part, so very, very good.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with people who have been visionary leaders.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet people who are legends in the Australian business industry, people who are legends in the Australian entertainment industry and also some people who are just legends in their own right.  People you will never hear of on Twitter or Instagram but people who will be lifelong friends and whose friendship has meant more than the world to me.

But the past year has been so very very hard.  So many of you know that and have been the impetus behind me making this change because I need to find that person again that bounces off the walls with enthusiasm and is happy 90% of the time instead of the reverse.

And I’m coming back.

A few months ago I was sitting with myself thinking, is this really what it feels like to be 44 years old? Because I was feeling like I was 80.  And I couldn’t imagine that this was normal.

And because I am now feeling like a whole new Lauren, I’m going to do a TBH (feel free to contribute) – I feel ten years younger.  (I see my teenagers cringing if they were to deign to read this blog at all). And the tragedy of it all was that in trying to feel younger last year in March I shot an earring through some cartilage in my ear and I persevered for almost ten months through extreme discomfort each night sleeping on it only to eventually take it out and find that I now have a permanent black spot on that place where my former torture device resided.  No deed goes unpunished.  It looks like a tattoo almost. But if I was the tattooing type perhaps I’d choose this.

fortune favours the brave

But like my friend George said today, you don’t put a sticker on a Ferrari.  Enough said.

So here’s to me.  I’ve found my smile (even in my eyes) again.  Because I’m feeling brave and happy and like any opportunity could be the start of something wonderful.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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