Starting to clear

It takes a while to come down from a year that’s been difficult.  It’s taken me over three weeks. Today I felt good.  Really good.

I promised myself that over December and January I would sort some things out.  Like my house.  Like my fitness.  Like my Vitamin D intake.  Like my diet (not going so well on that one).

Today, for the first time in a very long time, I felt like me.  Just me.

I woke up early.  Let the dog cavort on the lawn on the back of the neighbours property (which I guess is really the Randwick City Council’s property) and do his business.  Had a cup of coffee and headed off to do a spin class with one of the most real people I know.  We talk sometimes and I know she doesn’t realise this at all but she makes me remember that so much stuff is complete bullshit.

I ran into a friend/colleague outside the gym.  He was waiting on the optometrist in the centre to give him new glasses.  We sat down on a bench in front of Woolies and had a long chat. (He almost forgot to collect his glasses). It reaffirmed stuff I already know. I’m starting to smile and my heart feels better.  My smile is wide again.

Miss12 has been doing surf school for the past four days.  There is nothing my friends, nothing, like Bondi Beach.  It’s beauty is truly remarkable.  The heat was intense and I lasted all of an hour before I ran for the grassy knoll and some shade.  But the combination of water, a good book and some sun is priceless, truly priceless.

Fish and chips – the iconic lunch of post beach.

And then, not to be forgotten – we took Koda to Malabar Beach for a couple of hours.

My soul is singing.  My skin is brown.  I have clarity.

2015 you have been truly awesome in the 9 days that I have known you.


Wishing you all well over the weekend.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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