The decompress

I don’t know what the rest of you are like, but I get to December and I’m out there on the ledge.  Usually feeling like I’m on my own, out there on that ledge.  But I know that some of you are out there on ledges of your own.  Because, man, it’s hard this gig we call full time parenting and full time working and full time life.

Thing is, can’t talk for the rest of you, but this year has sucked dogs balls. (No disrespect to any dogs – those puppies have rocked my world this year – they’re practically the only one’s that have).

And sometimes there’s the shit you can’t talk about so you carry it with you.  It’s heavy.  Really heavy.

Your peeps, they know, but they can’t help you carry – they can just check in from time to time and tell you it’s going to be okay.  In the end.

I just read an article on some top entrepreneurs and how they will be using January to get ahead – Andre Eikmeier, co-founder of Vinomofo said it takes him a week to wind down, during which time he is edgy, cranky and cries at the drop of a hat.  Know that one well. So he decompresses during January – spends time with the family.  I’m in the pre-decompression stage.

And I know when we look at each other’s lives on Facebook it’s totally stellar – and yes, some day’s are – like nearly four weeks in July in the US of A.  New York for the first time, trawling Venice Beach, Hawaii and Vegas – even though it was tame without a wolf pack – it was truly wow-worthy.

Speaking of wolf packs – it was pointed out to me that a one woman wolf pack cannot survive – because that’s the point – the pack. And those are your people who remind you who you are when you’re wading through a blizzard with zero visibility.

And together with your wolf pack you need to find your inspiration and things that grab your heart and lift it up.  I go to TedxSydney every year.  It blows me away every.single.time.  This  year I got to go with my homegirl Candy.  It made it extra special.


The other thing that grabs the heart and makes it smile is, hands down, music.  Miss15 is a 1D fan.  This is their latest music video – and it’s old school with Danny DeVito.  Watch it from the beginning – Love. Light. Power. Danger. Mystery.  First you have to destroy your inhibitions.  You first destroy, then you create.  There’s a message there for so many of us.  And Danny DeVito still rocking that screen – to anyone that, in the past year has felt that being over 40 limits your options – I’m calling bullshit on that one – and so should you. (Even if you’re not a 1D fan – watching Danny DeVito is for everyone).

So from me to you – in case I don’t write again before the year is out – I probably will – but no guarantees – thank you for reading and being part of something that’s so special to me – and I hope I’ve managed to make you smile sometimes, or if not, just made you feel like you’re not alone out there on that ledge.

In my out of office this year I finished with “be kind to yourself and each other” – to you too.

Love and light.

Lauren xxx


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