May her memory be a blessing

I am so very very sad.

It’s the ripple effect of a terrorist attack in Israel.  A senseless killing.  Young life cut short by an age old hatred perpetuated through the next generation.

A Jewish world in mourning.  It happened when Gilad, Eyal and Naphtali were killed in July.

It’s happened again today with the deaths of Almog Shiloni and Dalia Lemkus.  But Dalia Lemkus isn’t just a random name to me.  She’s the granddaughter of my mother’s late best friend Essie.  And I doubt that she hated anybody.


My mother told me that Dalia was a talented painter and creative human being who put herself through university battling financial odds.  She was 26 years old and had her world ahead of her.   She comes from a large, religious family who have called Israel home for almost thirty years.  I have known her family all my life.

In less than an hour her mother, father and siblings will bury her.  There’s a saying amongst my people “May her memory be a blessing”.  I don’t rightly understand what that means in the context of this grief and loss.

I just know that her family are reeling and that we are reeling.  I want to feel hate and anger but the sad is too big.

Wishing Dalia’s family in Israel, Australia and South Africa strength at this time.  We mourn together.




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