Sunny – one so true, I love you

So, some of you know I’m quite taken with tv series that show the real underbelly of humanity.

It’s because I imagine myself as a badass alter ego.  In a former life, back in the day, for personal protection in Africa I carried a solid size weapon and was a dead shot with it.  It almost ended badly for me, Oscar Pistorius style with one of my brother’s girlfriends arriving unexpectedly one night after the midnight hour.  It’s still something I break out in a cold sweat over.

So, 15 years later, Australian style, I’m unarmed and living the dream (sometimes vicariously through people like Jax Teller of Sons of Anarchy, which even by my standards is extremely gruesome and vomit worthy) and the legendary Ray Donovan.  I know that few are actually watching this series and I have to tell you people, you’re missing out.  Big time.  Because it totally rocks.  And they’re only two seasons in, so the catch up is minimal.  The point of this story is to tell you that my other passion is music.  Which brings us to this cross over music combo from the said Ray Donovan series that I am beyond obsessed over.  (If anyone can work out how to make this my phone ring tone it would be much appreciated.  And I will pay in chocolate.)  For the one’s with a musical ear out there, ignore the visual and listen to the voices and the mix.  Magical.


So , the point I’m making is that even in the depths of the underbelly of a series depicting the worst of humanity, there is music that lifts the soul.

On my way to work every morning I cut through Centennial Park from Darley Road, Randwick.  I start playing it on repeat from there until Darlinghurst.  Because it’s totally the bomb!  And I LOVE it. It makes my day okay?  And sometimes I play it at night too.

I think everyone needs to have their song.  There’s that famous line from the Elton John song  “And you can tell everybody. this is your song”.

You need a song people, because aside from air and food and water, music is the stuff of real life.

Love and light

Lauren xxx







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