The vagina edition

Things can go downhill fast sometimes.  Quite unexpectedly sometimes.  I give you exhibit A:

The humble and beautiful tree sock

The humble and beautiful tree sock

Noticed whilst scoffing a schnitzel salad for lunch (yes, I get the irony -schitzel, salad).  I traversed aggressive traffic to get to the other side of the road, to get close enough to a) take a photo to show you good folk, and b) to touch it because if my hands can’t see it, neither can my eyes.


Within a couple of hours of the post going up – some kind peeps even shared it – some told of of the Guerilla Knitters who are instrumental in this art.  Then one of my countrymen sent me a text message – if it could have shrieked with laughter, it most certainly would have – to say “I would like to apologise for what I just posted on your wall. #notreally

Well, I got a bit sweaty as I fell over the dog to get to the computer and was confronted with this.  There’s is really no point in reading any further if you don’t watch the video.

As I started to vomit in my mouth I was encouraged to watch to the end. By this time there was dry retching.  And you have to wonder what is actually wrong with people sometimes.

Now, before you go all “she’s such a prude” on me, let me just say that I have nothing against vaginas.  I have one in fact.

However, would I shove a ball of wool up there and get some knitting needles out, I think not. I have a similar feeling about pingpong balls, which I believe are all the rage in Thailand and no, I would not attempt to open a beer with my lady bits.

So girls, I ask of you to consider that if the good Lord had intended for it to be used for such purposes he would really have designed it differently.  Inevitably someone’s going to get hurt.  So on behalf of all our vaginas, let’s be careful out there.

Love and light

Lauren xxx




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