The thing about things

So this is going to be one of those mooshed up posts about so many things and so many thoughts because it’s been a very long time.  So, let’s drill it down to a few coherent things. Indulge me if you so wish.

A few week’s ago we had a tragedy in the dog park.  One of our pups that’s plays in our group, a great dane mastiff mix was hit by a cab just after we had left and we were told the next day he had died.  We were distraught.  Last week I received a photo from a friend captioned Diego is alive and well.  Dogs return from the dead. We live in a wonderful world.

Returned from the dead.

Returned from the dead.


The Jewish New Year came and went.  I cooked like a lunatic, got things done in an insanely small window of time and didn’t disgrace myself by serving raw or inedible food.  Winning, go me.

We’re in the last quarter of the year, and I’m still sane, sort of and managing to keep my shit together.  I have started yoga.  Hot flow yoga.  It is simply the best thing ever!!!!! Considering that I am one of those mad cardio nuts that used to do multiple spin classes (or if not possible a spin class followed by a half hour run on the treadmill) you need to fully appreciate my rise to the practice of yoga.  A few years ago someone suggested I try it to get a little bit of calm but in good conscience I felt I could not impose my hectic self on a yoga class.  I knew in my heart I would totally stuff up the zen/karma in the room.  Roll forward to September 2014 and my second class saw me fly frantic like into a very zen room, I checked my crazy nonsense at the door and pulled myself together so as not to mess up everyone else’s day.  There’s a lesson in that for all of us.  Just saying. Oh and the hot part – like Thailand in August.  My love has no words.

I saw an optometrist last weekend who said I needed glasses.  My father called bullshit on that one and gave me a pair of magnifiers that he had as a sample from the olden days to use for reading the instructions on cooking packets.  There’s a whole new world out there with those magnifiers. (Great pity they look so completely unstylish on me and that I cannot post a photo of my good self in the frames).

On Sunday I had opportunity to find myself on Bondi Beach on my own in my bikini.  I desperately needed a small tan on my white self to offset the extra few kilos I’m sporting.  I stupidly in my excitement checked myself in on Facebook and got a message from a friend.  I was literally terrified that I might shortly have company.  Because seriously, no-one should see me in so little clothing at the moment.  A few more yoga and spin classes are in order before that should happen (as well as some shutting of the pie/cake hole).

So, dinner later that evening with the parentals.  According to my father, my mother tried to kill a cockroach the other night that in fact turned out to be a sultana.  I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I wasn’t there.  I live for moments like that.  Seems someone else in the family also needs glasses.

And before I go – here’s a few things I have picked up along the way in the past few weeks.

  • You can use the wrong recipe in error, baking a million biscuits and wail like a mad woman when you realise.  But the thing is – you’re the only one that’s going to know.  The other 14 people around your dinner table are going to think they’re just fine.
  • Sometimes blowing around like a leaf in the autumn and not getting heavily invested in what’s going on around you is the best way forward.
  • New friends are the bomb! They bring new insights and don’t know about your old stuff and can advise you about the now.
  • If something is bothering you, be brave.  Take a leap of faith and sort that stuff out – carrying it around is sometimes so very very sad on the heart.

I found this on Pinterest, it made me change my FB cover photo (heavy stuff).

fb cover sept 2014

Because we create so much bullshit in the world.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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