All things shiny

We’ve had a bit of an ongoing issue here at the Chez.  Miss15 fancies a good piercing.  She would like to shoot a hole through alternate ears once a week until there is no space to spare, left or right.  my friend Steve asked whether she is trying for five in one ear and we can get alphabetised letters to go in them.  He was thinking T-R-A-S-H.  I don’t think it went over her head.  Going back to the piercing and the issues (aside from the trashy exterior impression it creates), the problems are three fold:

  1. Each time she gets a piercing, we need antibiotics because they get infected.  She is unfortunate like that.
  2. The school only appreciates one earring per ear per person. Again, unfortunate for the individual.
  3. Her mother would prefer that she not set off metal detectors at airports around the world.

It turns out there’s a fourth, unanticipated problem.

Today, I returned home from work to be confronted by a very distraught Miss15.  It seems that on her way to catch the bus she was walking along minding her own business when she felt what seemed like a hot slap on the ear.  Thinking one of her friends had snuck up on her she turned to face the perpetrator only to be confronted by a black and white magpie going in for a second opportunity to attack.  She thinks it’s because it was all nice and shiny with her three earrings currently resident in her right ear.  The magpie continued to swoop and peck which saw Miss15 charging down the road towards her bus like the bats from hell were after her. (I don’t know if magpie’s can take the heat there).  Apparently it was terrifying.

The perpetrator

A likeness of “The perpetrator”

Sadly for Miss15, the image of her trying to escape an attacking magpie whilst running to safety with her school bag on her back was all too much for me and I was reduced to a hysterical laughing heap on the floor.   I think you could see her pecked red ear from the Starship Enterprise.

I was told not to blog about this and a photo opportunity to immortalise the attack was refused.  However, it was just too good to let this one go. There was attempted negotiation on an additional piercing if she allowed me to blog about this.  That seems like a really good idea at this time bearing in mind she’s catching the bus home a couple of times next week.

The magpie attack has clearly not left a lasting impression or any PTSD.

Love and light

Lauren xxx


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