The things people say

So I’m having a right sulk at the moment and I know I shouldn’t be.  Because sometimes people lack brain-mouth coordination.  I’m going to leave it at that and not bring into it that perhaps they are just being mean.  (I see a lot of mean on a daily basis sometimes – together with a lack of brain-mouth coordination).

I debated long and hard and about seven days about whether or not to talk about this here but directly after it happened I made mention of it to Miss12 who was with me at the time but was too busy surveying the goods at Bianca’s Grubstore in Rose Bay (Brenda’s chopped liver is second to no other) to pay attention to the fact that I was actually in the process of being insulted to the core of my being.  Her – are you for real? – response and the confused expression translated as – how did you not create the biggest scene imaginable and how did I not know about this until now? – said it all.

What happened you ask.  Well, it started (I think) with my previous post where I said that even if you think that I talk a lot of shit here on my blog, you rather keep it to yourself.  I’m starting with that base as the platform for what happened next.

I was standing at the counter (at the aforementioned Bianca’s), gathering Ouma Rusks and selecting biltong and telling Miss12 to go get as many bags of Fritos as she can carry when a friend walked into the store.  Her opening remarks were “oh, I just read that shit that you write”.  Bit of an almighty smack down.  Said with a smile.  Clearly my stunned expression did not translate as “oh my god – how can you say that to me” and instead must have seemed to say “what do you mean, I don’t understand what you’re talking about?” which then prompted further clarification and I quote “oh, you know – that shit you wrote a few days ago, I only read it now”.

It became immediately apparent that I needed to remove myself from the situation in order to avoid an assault charge.  I went to the bagel cupboard and stuffed as many of those things in a bag that I could manage – to keep my hands busy.

So I revert to the beginning when I’m going to say that there was a complete lack of brain-mouth coordination and not intent.  My former boss always used to say to me (when I stormed into his office like and enraged bull over something or other) that before you get so upset – always think about whether what the person said or did was said or done with malicious intent.  And that sometimes is what gets me through the day and night.

Love and light

Lauren xxx


  1. yael

    What an arsehole… nothing suprises I have had a few in my field lately …the question is do you bow out like a lady or do the wwf smackdown I chose the latter although I have done the replay in my head of what I really wanted to happen! People get away with this shit…at the end of the day its just their stuff & dysfunction…# Love your work

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