It’s been a long time between posts

It’s been all a bit hectic here at Chez Finn post our holiday and pre.  But particularly post.  I’ve had no time and I fear that I had lost my blogging mojo.  Lots going on everywhere and my headspace has been all logistics and keeping it together and trying to get some sleep inbetween.  So if you think this blog is complete shit – I totally forgive you. (just don’t say so to my face or my Facebook  – because if it doesn’t happen on Facebook – it doesn’t really happen?).

Truth be told I’ve been almost drowning – but managing to stay floating with the help of some incredible work peeps, friends and fam that above all else listen to my shit and help me find humour.  They are particularly good at the funny stuff.

They ride mechanical ponies.  They dress up in ridiculous wigs.

And we quote lines from our favourite movies (The Hangover 1, 2 and 3).

Like this

Not really. Maybe.....

Not really. Maybe…..

And this

A true classic

A true classic

And this

Yeah - my bad days are nothing....:)

Yeah – my bad days are nothing….:)

And they buy me vodka (for my birthday) without knowing that I am almost out (I cracked the bottle of Crystal Head that I was saving for a special occasion on a Monday night – yes, a Monday night).

I had coffee with a high powered business woman a while back.  I asked her how she manages what she does with kids and a husband that works as hard as she does with as long hours.  She told me she has this woman that takes care of her kids and home.  And she used an expression that has stayed with me.  She told me that this woman “packs her parachute”.

Everyone needs someone (or a few someones) that “packs their parachute”.

Because it takes a village people.  Not only to raise a child.  But to be a person and manage a life.

Love and light

Lauren xxx


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