If you were wondering where hell is

Most of you know I’m cavorting USA side for the first time. Yes, shock horror how is it possible that I have never been to New York and LA? To be honest I just don’t know other than that life got busy and I simply never got there.

We are staying at the W bang on Hollywood Boulevard and I freaking love it. Never have I collectively seen such a melting pot of creative, crazy, passionate people all in one place.

Universal Studios yesterday was the bomb!!!!


Now if you’ve ever wondered where hell is, today I found the answer. It’s at Disneyland. Holy fuck!!!!! The heat, the crowds, the queues, the bad food. And it was all a bit average I tell you. And what was even more average was me having to leave without a Mickey Mouse key ring because someone who is in charge of travel arrangements sat eating ice cream on the street corner for half an hour before realizing that if we missed the 6.10 Amtrak back to LA we’d be waiting til 8.45pm. All kinds of shit would have been lost over that one. So yes, no Mickey key ring or tshirt or anything. I think we made history today as the first people to never purchase anything at Disneyland. I did get a photo of a statue though (better than nothing).


And I’m going to be a good person for the rest of my life in case hell is indeed Disneyland in the afterlife too.

Love and light
Lauren xxx

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