The road rage edition

Now the past few weeks have been a bit stressful and tense and all those good things and let me just say that I have sweet fuck all tolerance for people’s bullshit.

And I have held it together admirably in my own opinion. I have not bitten my nails to hell and gone, my liver still works and I didn’t get arrested in Bondi Junction yesterday because I again, held it together (under extreme duress) and didn’t punch Miss15’s light’s out.

Bravo me.

However, this story is about the journey to Bondi Junction via a soccer game at Queens Park. Making my way there I was journeying through Coogee and happened upon the corner of Brook Street and Clovelly Road. It’s a bastard of a thing with limited vision and buses thundering up at a hell of a speed. The man behind me in the big white Holden ute did not appreciate my caution. There was hooting. I did the polite “hold your horses dude open hand in the air” gesture. We moved on and he followed me (very closely in terms of recommended following distance between two vehicles should one have to brake suddently) onto Fern Street which took us to the intersection of Fern Street and Albion Road. Nothing good happens there by the way except the pavlova from the Cheesecake Shop on the corner. Another relatively blind corner happening on my left. I inched forward and again, there is hooting. By this stage I have had the fuck enough and I roll down my window, stick out my hand – and I hear him scream something about my driving. Well!!!! I then scream that he should fuck off, seriously he should fuck off. And yes all this screaming is taking place and can be heard while he is still driving behind me and I am driving and navigating a traffic circle (or roundabout or whatever the fuck you call it here).

I am now off my face furious – a few weeks worth of stress boiling over and he pulls up next to me at the traffic light. I must have looked like a fucking madman as I rolled down my window and screeched “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN? SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” The answer you ask? Meek as a lamb he says “I’m actually having a bad day and I’m in a bad mood, I’m sorry”. To which I said, “not a problem, I’m sorry too”. We wished each other good day, rolled up our windows and went about our business. Like two civilised human beings.

Love and light
Lauren xxx

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