Q1 – it’s a wrap

Everyone’s year – work and otherwise is broken up into various segments and my Q1 has wrapped as of now. It commences again on Thursday so yeah, two days to reflect.

Jeez Louise, 2014 you started off rough. New boss, big changes. Big trauma for this girl. Then the levelling of all things before the upswing. Because you can’t keep a good girl down. Especially not this one.

The kids have survived another school term, the endless soccer season has once again commenced (did it ever stop?) and Passover and Easter are upon us. I have not, for some reason, given the eggs my usual attention because it is focussed on soya linseed bread with blue cheese and apricot jam. There is no segway here into the fact that I still haven’t got myself together in the exercise/eating department but I reckon you can’t achieve everything in four short months.

My dog is still the total bomb! And did you know? – he has his own Instagram account. You should totally go and follow him on Insta – his name is @koda_the_retriever – along with the 170 (and counting) other people that do – trust me – he will make you smile every. single. day.

And while he is beautiful – he is not so clever. I was talking to my friend in the park the other day. He has a lab called Banjo and we were reflecting on how this breed is perceived to be uber bright but really isn’t so. I told him I totally know why – because they spend all their time being handsome and beautiful. And that’s the God honest truth.


Take yesterday for example when I took our Koda to play in the park. (Under duress because there was a massive storm brewing and I am not good with the wet – similar to new people). We were going well until Koda’s friend Lola went to wade in the muddy bog down from the park and then they proceeded to play together. Which proves the point that regardless of how well trained YOUR dog is, if another dog is allowed to go into the boggy marsh, you are fucked. Because they will rub their mud all over your clean golden retriever. And your husband will scream blue murder because your house has just been cleaned and there’s a muddy dog and 10 people are coming for dinner tonight. FFS (translation : fuck fuck shit). And you almost call Tom to come over with his doggy wash machine to help but for the sum of $50 you don’t and you try and wash the dog yourself using a combo of wet wipes and puppy shampoo and a wet towel. Major fail is all……and a totally pissed off dog.

But, we’ve survived the first bit of the year, major stress and deadlines looming. A few major lights in the tunnel – pre-approval to TedxSydney – hell to the yes – been stressing for a solid year that I was going to have to reapply. Thanks guys – love your work xxx. And…..we are heading to the US of A in a few months. First timer to the land of the free and simply cannot wait to hit Vegas and NYC. Vegas because well, The Hangover………..


and NYC because – obviously, duh – Sex and the City.

How exciting is this? *runs around the room screaming like a total spaz*

So yeah, Q1 – you’re wrapped up.

Love and light
Lauren xxx

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