Some advice for the men out there

Some conversations prove interesting because they are a testament to never knowing the workings of another person’s mind. Even when you have shared a bed with a person for over nineteen years and been married for almost eighteen.

At dinner the other night with friends, The Artist was sprouting an interesting philosophy. And I quote “with marriage, it should be like a 15 year lease and then everyone gets to re-evaluate their options and go their own way. Yes, that’s what it should be, like a 15 year lease.”

The stunned silence gave way to my friend saying “well that wasn’t the reaction you were expecting now was it?” Because well, asshole.

We then went on to discuss among ourselves (not including The Artist) whether he thought his future options for a second 15 year lease might include something of the 25 year old variety. There was much laughter over this one. Because well, middle-aged not 25 anymore.

It was suggested that as an experiment my friend’s husband could strap a GoPro to his head and accompany The Artist on a night out in say, Kings Cross for example, and document his success. The Artist chirped in at this point saying he didn’t want to go there. My friend’s husband didn’t want to strap a GoPro to his head either.  Someone tried to divert attention by attempting to start a discussion about how one sees people with GoPro’s everywhere. (Nice Try but no conversion).  [For those of you who are not aware of what a GoPro is – it is this camera thing that you strap usually to your head and walk around looking like a twit.]

We then pondered avenues if not the X where one can examine one’s options and we asked it to be noted that there was not a line of 25 year old ladies waiting on the sidewalk outside the house just simply waiting for The Artist to charm them into a lease.

Relaying the conversation to my friend Tallulah yesterday about the 15 year lease option proposal, he said that men need to realise that they should always go with their second answer/thought when faced with a question or discussion of controversy.  For example, if one’s girlfriend or partner had to say “hey babe, do you want to watch the Sex and the City movie?” go with option b which would obviously be “absolutely”.  As opposed to option a being “I’d rather sandpaper my balls”.

This is sage advice menfolk.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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