You knew this post was coming……

According to the tow truck driver there are some people that go an entire lifetime without ever getting a nail in a tyre whilst out driving through suburban Sydney. I think these people might not be driving so much as catching the bus.

Similar to me this morning. Because yesterday on the back of a big win (finding a koala onesie for Miss 11 at the 11th hour before a dress up disco party) I took the scenic drive home via Maroubra Beach’s Marine Parade (as you do after a big win) and picked up what can now only be described as an anticipated big loss.

I might have mentioned previously on this blog my penchant for playing loud boom boom music whilst out and about. Well, as I approached the beach and the bass was dropping (yeah, I’m cool like that), there seemed to be some additional boom-boom which doubled as a thwack -thwack. I immediately scanned the surrounds to see if there was some hoon in the vicinity with his boom-boom messing with my bass. Nothing. Miss11 and her mate pointed out that people were staring as we drove by.

So I turned down the bass only to hear thwack-thwack, thwack-thwack. Like a playing card pinned with a clothes peg on a bicycle tyre (old school) so the whole world can hear you coming. So I pulled over thinking, paper. Heavy duty stuck to part of the car. As if…..

See below Exhibit A.

nail in tyre

According to those in the know, what the fuck is that? It’s fucking huge! Never seen that before. You been driving on a construction site lady? (Tow Truck Driver)

According to others, you are a walking disaster, from one thing to the next, seriously, how? Why? (The Artist)

Once again, my team at Bob Jane Edgecliffe are going to fall over when my sweetie arrives on the back of a tow truck this morning. For the second time in four months.  See exhibit B below.

car on tow truck

According again to those in the know, that tyre is fucked lady. No-one’s going to be able to fix a hole that big. (Tow Truck Driver).

And so it goes. To the tune of over $500 to replace a less than 6 month old tyre.  FML does not seem to quite cover it. Neither does insurance.

Love and light

Lauren xxx


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