The Rude Barometer went red

I want to talk about something that does my head in.

And as you read further I want you to appreciate where this is coming from.  However, in a world where we are increasingly connected by mobile phone we are equally increasing disconnected to our manners.

I sit in a lot of meetings.  Big meetings, small meetings, one on one meetings.  I am noticing a trend.  Which perhaps isn’t exactly new but seems to be on the rise, along with unfuckingbelievable rudeness.

I was sitting in a meeting the other day with about 40 other people (literally). On either side of me, mobile phones were huzzing on the table.  Non-stop.  Not ringing because my God!, that would be rude.

But huzzing and vibrating?  Apparently not so much.

Yes, you are a hero - you got a text.....

Yes, you are a hero – you got a text…..

My slapping hand was itching.  My throwing arm was needing a major workout.  Mobile phones to nearest wall.

Neither person on either side of me was a neurosurgeon or doctor of any nature I want to point out for the record.  Nor are they running a country.

What the fuck is really so important?

And let’s talk about what actually happens once the phone has huzzed…….

There’s that grabbing of the phone (almost with surprise) with urgency and the serious face “I am an important person, I have a message to read/someone is calling me”;  followed by that knowing smile “I am an important person, this person who has messaged me clearly needs me desperately” followed by that smug face with the sense of renewed urgency “I must message them back, I am an important person”.  No actually, you are not.

The face on the guy in the middle.  That's the face....

The face on the guy in the middle. That’s the face….

If for whatever reason they cannot message back immediately there is fidgeting and pawing of the device. By this stage my slapping hand is red hot ready to go.

Now I am very fond of my mobile phone and the beautiful beautiful internet and all it has to offer.  But seriously people. When did this behaviour become okay?  Because it’s not.

And I haven’t even yet touched on when you are having a one on one meeting (not talking average social here but actual business) and someone is actually rude enough to answer their phone and then say “sorry, I’m in a meeting, I’ll call you back”.  So why not just not answer the phone, let the phone take a message – which is what it does naturally – and then call back when you are not in a meeting and making a rude ass of yourself?


And while I use this in a business context there are people that I have stopped meeting socially because they cannot put their phones down.  They simply cannot.

And I simply cannot bear their rudeness.

I appreciate the new world.  But the new rude?  Not so much.

Love and light

Lauren xxx


  1. Me

    I couldn’t agree with you more – it’s just plain rude !!! Manners seem to have taken a back seat in society lately. It’s very sad that people can’t be present with those they are actually with.
    Have the best day !

  2. quelinestewart

    Yeh, it’s really annoying. When I was a teacher I used to proctor exams and we would tell 19-20 year old students ‘yes, you need to turn your phone OFF not just to silent – if it buzzes during the exam it’s the same as it ringing and you’ll get a penalty.’ But we had to explain we seriously meant ‘off’ and not just ‘silent’. It was strange.

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