Not the guest of the day

So I write this on behalf of a friend *ahem*, who recently went on holiday and left her beloved pet with a dog minder who is very well regarded in our area.  Her pet had to go for a meet and greet before being accepted into the home to ensure that he would integrate well etc etc.  Yes, eyebrows raised people, eyebrows raised.

Anyhoo, my “friend” was comfortable with the situation which included the minder looking after five other dogs as her pet is very gregarious and wants to have lots of friends of his own.  Win. Win.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when my friend was sunning herself on a beach a few seas over and sending a text every couple of days to find out how her pup was doing.  Even though it was not in the agreement she signed, another friend of my friend had told her that her dog minder sent her daily emails – sometimes with photos!

The minder responded – and is clearly not good on text – with a garbled response about something about sending a video and then a reference to an Instagram account.  Joy!  Three texts later my friend established the name of the account and promptly hit the follow button.  Both her and her husband (who is obviously not The Artist) did.

It was some like @workingwithdogsthatbark * (*not its real name as I am not in the business of outing people and all)

My friend noticed that there was a lovely video of her dog playing with other dogs and a photo of him gazing up with some other dogs.  But then there started daily postings on the account with the caption “Guest of the day”.  My friend waited anxiously.  Daily.  (As did her husband). Surely, in a two week period with five dogs there had to be an opportunity? I mean seriously, do the math. There were even two cats that were awarded! On waking in the morning the person who woke up second would immediately say “so,  have you checked?  Is he the Guest of the day?”.

As time wore on, it was not only a morning conversation with her husband but infiltrated talk on the beaches of Cape Town to include her best friends who were on holiday with her and practically anyone that would listen.  Everyone assured her the posting of his success was immiment.  Because they saw all the photos on her phone and agreed he was most good looking and adorable.  Totally Guest of the day material.  She almost posted one of her own many photos (that she takes obsessively on her phone – as mentioned above and posts on her instagram account) with the Guest of the day caption and tagging the dog minders account and hashtagging #dogsofinstagram.  But she didn’t.  Because she is not crazy. It would have looked like this for example. *I have taken the liberty of using Koda’s picture as I don’t have a picture of my friend’s dog.

Guest of the day @workingwithdogsthatbark #dogsofinstagram

Guest of the day @workingwithdogsthatbark #dogsofinstagram

They even checked whilst in transit at Dubai Airport logging desperately into the Wifi.  Nada.  Nothing.

As they were almost home it seemed that it was never going to happen.  There were discussions about other pets needing it more possibly for their self esteem and motivation to behave.

I totally don’t get why my friend’s dog didn’t actually get it twice to be honest.

So for the past few days, every evening as she says good night to him she awards him the Guest of the day.

Because he’s a fucking rockstar dog man!

Love and light

Lauren xxx


  1. Shelley

    too funny!!! you tell your ‘friend’ that a mummy’s recognition is much better than some random strangers anyway!!!

  2. Me

    LOL – I hope your ‘friend’ is OK now and that her dog feels like he has finally arrived !!!!!
    Have the best weekend !
    PS – hope you had a great trip back to SA !

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