Hasta la vista baby – stay safe

Today I farewell a friend that has served me well.

My little batman car , so named by my friend Kim who screeched – you got a batman car – black and everything – five years ago.

She has heard many a difficult conversation in her cockpit on my travels between work and school pick up and drop off.

She’s listened to my boom boom music for five straight years at mega volume without a complaint.

She’s heard me rant and curse and scream and use language not fit for human ears that would make a lesser being shrink.

She’s let me cry my heart out in peace.

She’s been my calm in any storm.  I can slip into the driver seat, exhale and drive until the forces of the universe have been restored to their rightful place without me having to physically kill anyone.

She also knows how to take care of herself.  Managed to bounce off a pole one morning without cracking a bumper – made of tough stuff that one.

While the body is metal and rubber and all things replaceable, man, a lot of stuff went down in that car.

She’s gone to her new owner, a young whipper snapper from Woollongong. He’s been warned about no hanky panky and to drive carefully at all times.

And so a new journey begins.

Hasta la vista baby – stay safe.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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