Should we have called him Rocky?

The Artist has always, always wanted a son.  To do boy things with.  As you do.

Last night, Koda was in charge of spotting The Artist whilst he did these things.  Not sure he understood his role completely.

Pain, feel it when  you win, inflict it when you don't

Pain, feel it when you win, inflict it when you don’t

This morning, on arriving downstairs I was greeted by the puppy with a tea towel draped on his back.  He shook it off furiously, grabbed it in his mouth and bolted down the passage.  Like a puppy.  As you do.  I was quietly thinking about how the dummy puppy had managed to get a towel on his back and in his mouth all at the same time.

A few moments later with coffee the nectar of the gods in my cup I sat down next to The Artist on the floor upon which he proclaimed that we should have called the puppy Rocky.  I raised an eyebrow slightly.

He then placed the tea towel on the dog’s back and proceeded to sing “Pa-pa-paaaa, pa-pa-paaaa.  Pa-pa-paaa, pa-pa-paaaaa……….” You get the gist.  According to The Artist, the puppy likes to be Rocky and gets particularly pleased when he pa-pa-pa’s the theme song from the movie to him.


The Contender next to The Singer

At this point my eyebrow and my hairline met.

Where to from here?  The asylum my friends, the asylum.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

One comment

  1. Me

    LOL – he certainly sounds like he has some character (puppy that is = not The Artist !!!!) I love puppies with character – our two have their own particular traits and they are both so funny at times. Needless to say when A & K are both away from next week, I will not be that charmed with them because it will be me feeding, watering etc etc for them !!!!! Definitely Not Happy Jan – I said I would buy the dog food AND THAT IS ALL – but when they are both away at the same time, what the bloody hell am I supposed to do with the damn dogs ?????????????
    HAve the best day !

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