43 W.T.F!

Yes 43 – I see you baby – shakin’ that ass. And I think to myself – 43 – W.T.F!

face of joy v

Often I try to remember what I was doing at a point in time on a specific day. This morning, driving into work I was radio channel flashing like a man with a tv remote control when I found Nirvana playing Come As You Are. Old school. Oh the memories. And all of a sudden there was that pricking of tears behind the eyes so I started deep breathing because I didn’t have my make up with me and I wanted to look fabulous normal today. Doing the math it occured to me that 20 years ago today I was hopping a bus to Tel Aviv with my friend, the legend Di Loney (now the legend Di Chalmers) to go and eat a massive chunk of chocolate cake at the Apropo Cafe. We shared a diet coke. It was the bomb! I will not go into detail about the party that night but we will suffice to say that there was much dancing, drinking and experiencing the local delight!

I wonder now whether I thought to myself at the time, “Where you will be 20 years from now?”. Probably not. When one is 23 it’s more a question of where will I be tomorrow night. What I can say is that year, 23, was one of the best. Truly one of the best as it can only be when you are 23, nothing to lose, not intending to gain anything and just living one moment at a time.

To hop a few years to two weeks ago, if you had told me where I would be today I would probably have called you a bit of a liar. Friday night of 2 August, The Artist gave me the batting eyelashes and said in response to a question I asked “you know the only thing Miss10 wants is a dog”. I have often said that success with anything is about picking your moment. You will be particularly successful if you ask me something on a Friday night around 7.30pm, prior to dinner and post three drinks. Chances are at that point I would have agreed to allow him to purchase a Bengal Tiger. In agreeing on Friday night to allow him to get a dog I figured there would be a window of opportunity (for me) to then be the voice of reason and return to my position as voice of dissent. The other thing about success is that you need to strike while the iron is hot or when the voice of dissent is at the hairdresser high on ammonia fumes. Blond is a seriously chemical business.

As the text messages started to flow on Saturday morning I rejected the female puppy that was a few hours away in favour of the male that had to be flown in from Queensland on Tuesday, thus again allowing me an opportunity on return from the hairdresser to re-address the issue. Things do not always work out the way a person planned. Almost by magic a male puppy was available in Berkshire Park (no clue – somewhere near somewhere) and The Artist and Miss10 were off in a flash of Precious (this is The Artist’s car for those of you newbies who are unfamiliar with Precious). The hairdresser noted that I appeared to be getting somewhat hysterical. There was talk of finding a paper bag.

We all arrived home simultaneously. Miss14 commented that both me and the puppy had matching hair. Nice. You know how you feel when sometimes you run head first into a closed door and there’s like that dazed feeling for a while? That.

The back story to all this is that the kids have been nagging for a dog for close on three or four years now I think. I have said that I have no capacity to take care of another living thing and no capacity to love anything more than I am currently. The universe is a strange place. Sometimes it just brings you what you need. Even when you think its the last thing in the world you need. Reflecting on where I am today, I can tell you that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. With absolutely everything. And this unexpected arrival in my life, two weeks before the 4-3 has been sent to remind me about joy, unconditional love and how you always, always have capacity to love more. It’s a wonderous thing my lovelies.

face of joy d

with a small glimpse of peni

Love and light

Lauren xxx


  1. abutcherswife

    Hope you had a lovely birthday. The puppy is just gorgeous, I think you will be glad you relented he will bring you much joy for many years.

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