I drove a Beep

There’s this ad getting an extraordinary amount of airtime at the moment and which, according to the people pushing the vehicles is causing those watching,  who had never considered driving the vehicle to come and give it a go.  It’s almost like the bell and Pavlov’s dog, such is the nature of the movement developing and the frequency of test drives they are undertaking.

The Artist and I were watching some crim tv (refer to yesterday’s post) and the ad interrupted my viewing pleasure.  The Artist commented how that particular version was now targeting children and he wasn’t quite sure that was sitting right with him.  The Artist and I are not one to ignore a trend.  We can’t help ourselves.  A second later he looked me dead in the eye and said “Maybe you should buy a Beep”.  He kept saying this on repeat until I threatened to do to him what the psycho killer on Criminal Minds was doing to his victims.

Now in addition to not ignoring a trend, I am also not one to ignore a gift horse and promised to sort out the situation this week by testing the vehicle and examining some other options.

I had planned an appointment solo this afternoon but due to our torrential rain situation I had both Miss10 and Miss14 in tow.  I successfully drove the vehicle.  It was a monster of a thing.  Considering my usual mode of transport being a small hatch type, I felt like GI Jane driving a Sherman tank.

A big unit

A big unit

I promised to let the lovely Joel from the dealership know my thoughts once I had examined all other options – I am honest to a fault – even with car dealers – which is why I am not allowed to negotiate the deal.  I was told to just go, drive the vehicle, assess the driving situation, report back and hand over the rest of all dealings to The Artist.

Now I’ve been feeling quite good about the whole thing, up until about ten minutes ago when Miss10 came to ask me whether I enjoyed driving the car.  I commented that indeed I did at which point she mentioned that the whole thing was quote “a bit rough”.  I didn’t find it rough,assuming she was referring to the car.  To clarify she said “Didn’t you see the guy holding onto his window?”  Well, no, I did not because I was watching the road from my perch up high on the drivers side.  Miss10 assured me he was, and not in the way that some people do when they sit in the car and lean on the window.  Apparently more in the way of someone who is slightly terrified.

Sometimes Miss10 can push the truth slightly so I posed the question to Miss14 who whilst still perusing Facebook, non-chalently said “yeah mom, he was clinging to his window”.  Miss 10 then said that they were getting thrown around in the back of the car – despite the fact that they had seatbelts on.  Well I have never!

I’m calling bullshit on that one.  No-one said a word and he seemed perfectly fine when I dropped him off.  He did kind of do a run trot thing to get back inside, not looking back and leaving the vehicle blocking the drive.  I’m sure that’s how they roll there.

According to the children it might have looked something like this - even though there is no resemblance of me to Chow or Joel to Bradley Cooper

According to the children it might have looked something like this – even though there is no resemblance of me to Chow or Joel to Bradley Cooper

Hmmmm.  I hope word doesn’t get round – got a few more places to drop in to before the weekend.

Love and light.

Lauren xxx

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  1. Me

    Our next door neighbour just bought a Beep – we did consider it until we found out the price of servicing – so the same deal with the Tiguan which was just lovely !!!!! We are very happy with the Outlander that we landed up getting although it drives more like a 4×4 than the XTrail did – that was more like a car with a bit of height.
    Good luck !
    Have the best day !

    • alwayslauren

      It’s one big vehicle. Think I might do a complete about turn and go for something small – particularly as I seem to grow horns unknowingly behind the wheel.

  2. Alicia

    I was trying to watch the ending of an episode of masterchef online. I was getting so annoyed and could have slapped so and so’s mother for buying a beep! Complete beep ad overkill.

  3. The Plumbette

    I’ve never liked driving bigger cars and yet I drive a ute for work. Maybe they remind me of work too much. I can’t actually stand that ad on tv either. We will be looking for a new family car soon… much prefer a sedan.

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