Like Elmo on Crack

So, not sure what to make of this but at dinner last night Miss10 told me that I’m like Elmo on crack.

I took immediate offence because red is really not my colour.  And my voice so doesn’t sound like that.  How does she know about crack anyway?

Elmo the normal - not on crack

Elmo the normal – not on crack

Then I got to thinking about why she said that and it became clear.

She sees my life and recognises it for what it is because to her it’s incomprehensible that a person should:

  • get up at five am to get to the gym and do a 55 minute spin class
  • to be home by 7:05 to bathe and dress and then corral two kids to get up, get dressed, prepare school lunch and do their hair
  • get two kids to school by 8.10am
  • get to work by 8.30am and (hopefully) be productive (and not get fired)
  • get back to school by 3.30pm for pick up
  • get one child home and document a shopping list
  • answer work related calls all afternoon and respond to emails
  • go to the uniform shop and collect bigger sports tops and pants
  • get to the soccer field to retrieve one child and friend and meet friend’s mother en route home for transfer
  • get home and spice a chicken and shove it in the oven
  • dash to the shops for supplies
  • return home in 25 minutes and peel potatoes and sweet potato to shove with chicken (that’s been cooking for 45 minutes into the oven)
  • inbetween the last few dot points has also contributed to homework assignments
  • encourage one child to bathe whilst editing the other’s english assignment
  • put on a load of washing
  • build perfect caprioshka
  • serve dinner (and a good one at that)
  • indulge in intelligent conversation during dinner (despite the opening comment being about Elmo and crack)

and do that on repeat til kingdom come. Like Elmo on crack.

Completely getting it.  Completely.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

p.s. No crack was taking in the writing of this post

p.p.s. Anyone else out there like Elmo?


  1. Lydia C. Lee

    I don’t know what elmo does. Does he do those things? I know he’s not as good as big bird or cookie monster. Or count. At least you aren’t the Count on crack – ONE, One crazy mum – Ahahaha!

  2. Rachel

    Yep. I too am Elmo on crack, and quite frankly it’s a relief to finally have a NAME for the madness!
    My average day is almost exactly the same except I work until 5 then have to collect/distribute/collect children from activities. I get up at 5 to go to the gym (it’s actually 4.50am but people freak out when I tell them that). And repeat.
    Thanks for linking up Lauren – it’s great to have another crack Elmo in the The Lounge 😉 Rachel x

  3. mummymanifestodotcom

    What about coffee? I am sure an Elmo on crack lifestyle would need coffee to get through that day!!

  4. Me

    Jeez – thank goodness you don’t live close by – you’d probably get a speeding ticket and give us whip lash and you screamed up and down getting everything done !!
    Seriously though – when you break down your day and see how much you actually get done, I don’t know how we all haven’t collapsed in a heap at the end of every day / week / month / year !
    Have the best day that you can !

  5. Kelly HTandT

    “How does she know about crack anyway?” hahahaha. My thoughts exactly. SLOW DOWN woman, you’re making the rest of us look bad! But, you ARE showing your girl that a woman can do anything. Go you 🙂 xx

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