Perfectly okay, or seriously wrong?

I’m going to open up a can of worms here.  Opinion people.

On Saturday night The Artist and the children and I thundered down to our local and preferred Thai place as I was borderline hangry and things were starting to get out of control.

It is situated in the middle of a hotspot which also has a cinema adjacent to it.  Getting a park is like trying to find a cab at 12am on a Saturday night at The Rocks.  So the good people of the council or whoever built a carpark to solve the problem, which it has, to some extent.  And to some extent I mean it does, except on a Saturday night.

So we did the perfunctionary drive around and then glided into the carpark swung down 6 floors until we almost came bonnet to concrete wall with a dead end.  Problem.  8 point turn and up we went where we located two young ladies seemingly wandering aimlessly through the place.  The Artist started to interrogate them (as you do) about whether they were going out and where they had parked.  Miss13 pointed out that had he been on his own they might have become afraid and run back to a public place to seek assistance, such was his questioning tone.  We proceeded to do another 8 point turn and wait for them on Level 4 while they paid for their ticket.

Subsequently on the level below I spotted three people appearing to walk with purpose to their vehicle.  “Parking” I screeched excitedly, and The Artist put the pedal to the metal and approached quickly.  Seeing us arrive with such enthusiasm they shamefacedly confessed that they had absolutely no clue where their car was.  They were in fact wandering aimlessly.  Problem.  Another 8 point turn to burn rubber back to Level 4 to find that our original ladies were swinging out of their parking with a white car waiting on the ramp.  The Artist made a strategic decision and whipped straight in.  Like Sebastion Vettel in this year’s Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix.  Picture the aforementioned white car as Mark Webber and you can imagine what happened next.  Problem.

Again, overriding team orders to win - perfectly okay, or seriously wrong?

Again, overriding team orders to win – perfectly okay, or seriously wrong?

However, unlike the initially contrite Vettel, The Artist has missed his calling in life.  Criminal Defence Lawyer.  And the best form of defence is attack.  He offered up an argument to the complainant that he had as much right to the parking as he had traversed the levels of the carpark three times (once, twice if you count the Level 5/4 thing) and even though the other man who had been waiting and thought he spotted it first, it was in fact, The Artist’s parking.  Miss10 and I are not good in these conflicting situations and deserted ship to get the hell out  of  there go and get a table.

Miss13 was staying for the drama.  Bit of psycho in that one and is fond of a good train smash.  The end result was apparently one of The Artist being called a bit of a “hole” and a bitch.  He does not think that last remark was directed at him.  Because apparently men can’t be called bitches.

Returning to our vehicle a massive ute thing pulled up at the paystation – some people just don’t walk to the paystation, they drive and get a mate to hop out and pay.  The Artist exclaimed loudly noticed that the driver was Paul Gallen, Captain of The Cronulla Sharks and NSW 2012 State of Origin team.  They did that man nod thing.  Like, yeah – I see you.  Yeah – we’re cool.  If I had known I was in the presence of greatness (it had to be explained to me who Paul Gallen was after the man nodding thing) I would have demanded a photo.  I mean, seriously, who doesn’t post stuff like “look who I found on Saturday night when I was out for Thai food in the carpark”on Facebook if they have the opportunity?  Next time.  I kind of wondered quietly to myself whether The Artist would have swiped Paul Gallen’s parking if he had been the waiting vehicle.  That might have made for some exciting stuff! Just saying.

But reverting to the issue at hand, if your spouse is hangry bordering on VERY hangry, is it technically okay to steal someone’s parking, that was kind of technically yours to begin with?  Perfectly okay, or seriously wrong?

Love and light

Lauren xxx


  1. Me

    LOL – well I know that if we had been in the waiting car, A would have kept quiet and just started to look for another parking whereas I would have been in the car screaming like a banshee but not confident enough to actually confront anyone about the stolen car park !!!
    I do think it is seriously wrong – but hey, what do I know anyway ????
    Have the best day !

  2. Lydia C. Lee

    I’m also in the seriously wrong camp, and I’m also in the get of the car and yell like a crazy lady (I have a 60 year old friend who threatens to slash their tyres if they don’t move it…)
    But….you get points for showing my favourite podium moment of the year. That was absolutely HILARIOUS and Vettel and Rosberg should have got extra money for making F1 interesting again (Vettel winning all the time can get a little yawnsome, and I love him…not as much as Kimi tho)

  3. homelifesimplified

    As a hangry sufferer myself i feel your pain but oh how I hate swoopers. If someone is waiting it is tough luck if you left the spot lol deb xx

  4. Michelle Kirby

    When in that sort of situation it’s every man for himself so well done to The Artist for his Formula One driving skills. Luckily I can walk to the Spot. By the way, I saw Paul Gallen in Pinocchio’s on Saturday night having dinner.

  5. coloursofsunset

    Hmmm. It’s never ok to take someone’s parking spot. If you get out of line, you miss out! But I’d have been secretly thankful to dear husband and left him to fight it out as well! I’d be concerned about my car being keyed, too. As for Paul Gallen, he’d have done nothing if you’d stolen his spot except cried to the ref! The big baby! 😉 x Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  6. EssentiallyJess

    Yeah I would have been dirty as, but probably have gotten over it pretty quick. Unless of course I had to cancel dinner plans or walk several miles to get to my meal. Then I wouldn’t be happy. 🙂

  7. Karen Firestone

    Perfectly wrong.. Happened to me a while back, and I dropped the c-bomb at the woman who stole my spot. And I never use that word. Now there’s a can o’ worms question for you: perfectly wrong or seriously ok to drop the c-bomb when someone steals your spot? Xx

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