My heart TedXploded on Saturday

An open letter to Remo Guiffre – the man behind TEDxSydney

Dear Remo

Last Friday night I was like the proverbial child before Christmas – I did not sleep hardly a wink from excitement.  Because on Saturday morning I was coming to TEDxSydney.

This did not in any way stop me from being bright eyed and bushy tailed arriving at The Opera House  – was I ever pumped! I knew it was going to be a completely and ridiculously awesome experience when even the name badge that contained absolutely everything  you needed to know for the day impressed the BeJeesus out of me! (Pity I only saw the map of the Opera House and entry doors late in the day – your volunteers must have considered me a bit of a twit).

My TedXBadge - no words how clever!

My TedXBadge – no words how clever!

The day was one of such total unique joy – listening to people in so many different areas that I didn’t think would have any relevance to my every day life and then realising that without their big ideas that change the world in small ways one day at a time we have nothing – but what they do is everything .  These people you brought to us are legacy leavers that may never receive a Nobel Prize.  They go about their business with a sense of self, a sense of purpose and a sense of passion.  People need people that restore their faith in the world.  Your speakers did that for me on Saturday – you had no idea how badly I needed that.

 The explosion of talent that was Omar Musa, Kate Miller-Heidke, Tom Thum and the sublime John Butler and Jeff Lang – through them you managed to touch our  hearts  not only through ideas but through music. And you know – music lifts the soul. I haven’t had tears brought to my eyes in a very long time.
Sublime.  A tick on the bucket list.

Sublime. A tick on the bucket list.

At lunch I found a pickle in a jar at Aria that cannot go without mention.  Yes, a pickle.  The salty taste will linger on my tongue like the memories of TedxSydney continue to linger in my mind and permeate my thoughts.
And Damien Mander and his IAPF (International Anti-Poaching Foundation).  The man has pure African blood running through his veins – I had to keep reminding myself that he is Australian born and ex-Special Forces Australian Army with 12 tours of Afghanistan under his belt. I know that in the past he was a soldier.  In my mind he is now a Soldier that became a Warrior.  Respect.
His tattoo reads Seek and Destroy.  He thought it would make him brave.  He made himself brave.

His tattoo reads Seek and Destroy. He thought it would make him brave. He made himself brave.

I’ve been struggling with motivation, direction and feel myself consumed with the mundane.  I’m a firm believer that fate takes you on a journey – you are a passenger in the taxi of life.  And while you will reach your destination, the route is not always your own to navigate.

Remo – sometimes along the way, people try and take the sparkle off stuff.  They seem to try very hard to rub it off with their mental steelwool and granite opinions.  On Saturday 4 May you and your team gave me so much sparkle – I think it’s going to take a lifetime to get it to fade.

Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart. And from my sanity.

Much love – I hope to see you all in 2014.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

p.s.  I have played Hank and the Pink Balloon, one of many short video’s prepared for the day – another wow factor element of the whole experience – to my ten year old daughter. She had already seen first taste as my husband was watching TEDxSydney online at home during the day.  Her delight was akin to mine – again, thank you for rocking my world.

p.p.s. To my friends reading this – click the link here – what inspires you?


  1. Kim

    Oh I’d love to go to TED – it sounds so inspirational. I believe Ron McCallum was speaking there too – such a brilliant man. Going to try and find some time to watch the videos.

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