Fistpump Friday: You cannot win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket

Last week something unexpected happened. And by unexpected I mean completely fucking awesome.

Even though some of you may think I am a fly by the seat of my pants, crazy type – in reality and by habit I am rather ordered. I like what I like and even though I fancy myself as somewhat exciting, it mainly manifests itself in the colour of a nail polish or a creative idea, or a ranty blog post.

As a result I am constantly looking for people to inspire me so I am a regular trawler of Ted Talks. I think that some of those people rock the world with their fabulousness.

At the gym, my friend Corey, an American that has this kind of Jude Law thing going on and who knows a lot of shit told me in the course of a conversation that to be kept in the loop about upcoming events one had to create a profile and join TedSydney. Easy. Done.

A few months ago, like clockwork, an email arrived advising that applications for audience participation were open with the usual detailing of how there was a selection process, limited places, etc etc etc…..

Without hope in my heart (but you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket) I logged on – filled out what I deemed to be an extensive application which had that bastard of all questions at the end – why you?…….. and hit send. Then forgot about it. Because as I said, I didn’t think I had a dogsball of a chance.

Sitting at the hairdresser Thursday afternoon addressing the imbalance between the colour of my hair growing from my scalp (a crap brownish some, grey some colour) and the colour God intended me to be (blond) I got the mother of all emails.

Yes!!!!!! They were talking to me!

Yes!!!!!! They were talking to me!

No. Fucking. Way!!!!!!!

I checked quickly that it wasn’t one of those spam things that gets your hopes up (like the text message I received two Saturday’s ago advising me that I had won 2 Million Pounds in the British Lottery) and then quietly screamed to myself (because my hairdresser is not the kind of place you behave like a lunatic and then expect to get another appointment ever) and had a hot flush from excitement. Unfortunately my iPhone was about to run out of battery so I only got to text about half the people in the world that I know.

My brother (the one getting married) had not heard of Ted at all. He lives in Mosman so perhaps they haven’t got it there yet. The Artist had the sense to log on to the website to check out what the hoohaa was about and expressed adequate joy for me.

Second only to this is the awesome hat I found in the airport last Friday. The Artist says if I wear it twice it will be many times. Expect to see me with it perched on my head for all of winter.

I will be the one in the hat.

I will be the one in the hat.

Each Friday I’m going to post something that required a serious FISTPUMP from the week. I want to hear about yours too. In the comments section below or on Facebook. Share the love people – whether it’s because a southerly wind dried your mound of washing or you lost a pound or two, or whether in fact you won the lottery. Small things, big things. Whatever moment in your week that made your heart (and face) smile. Firstpump Fridays – participate.

Love and light

Lauren xxx


    • alwayslauren

      I died a little when I got that email. Have no idea how I contained myself for 2 hours before I left the hairdresser. People on Elizabeth Street in Paddington must have wondered about the madwoman skipping to her car.

  1. Me

    LOL – good luck with rockin’ the hat – I am so not a hat person and can’t understand how anyone can wear one !
    Good work with completing your extensive application – you obviously have what they are looking for !!!
    My fist pump this week is picking the old people up from the airport at 6.30 this morning – safe and sound from their holiday in South Africa – whenever they go I wonder if they will make it back in one piece !!!
    Have a great week-end !

  2. becc03

    My fist pump of the week was my boys 4th birthday and watching his face as he opened his presents. Gorgeous little tyke he is.
    Congratulations Lauren. I had never heard of this Tedx thingy before.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

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