It’s been an interesting week because I’ve been out of the office filming a clip for a campaign later in the year. Part of my big stress, aside from shooting in sixteen different locations over three days with over 32 different people was the fact that I would be out of the office and not at my email’s beck and call.

It’s scary sometimes to realise that you have it all wrong. Being out, meeting some interesting people that I would never have a chance to talk to otherwise, is, in a word, uplifting. It’s these kinds of interactions that make things meaningful and life worthwhile.

Like the lady that loves to dance and is 85 years old. She’s had a partial masectomy and last year they found her riddled with ovarian cancer. She lost her lovely grey hair. But she shows up each week at her aged care group to dance with her doctor friend. “All the ladies want to dance with him”, she tells me, “but he likes to dance with me”. I know why – she is 100% awesome.

And then there was the moment looking through someone’s photos on the mantle, realising that it was the lady I was speaking to and not in fact, Barbara Streisand, in the photo. Deadringers for each other. And amazing as she was, all she wanted to talk about was her husband – a World War II hero – presumed dead when his aircraft was shot down over France – and her highschool sweetheart – who she clearly still misses 19 years later. She works at an Op Shop a few days a week – she loves her life – she is surrounded by memories and furniture that followed her all the way from post WWII London.

And the young students, full of hope for the future – believing that they WILL make a difference in the world when they get out there and shape their futures.

And the Rhodesian Army veteran can’t go without a mention. Dressing up for the occasion in a military style cargo shirt as opposed to his black t-shirt which helps him to relate more effectively with his students – he had me me spilling part of my guts before I even realised it. We talked post traumatic stress disorder, The Princess Bitchface Syndrome and life. His take on the fact that he actually gets paid to come to work to do a job he loves so much left me speechless.

And the special needs people that head up a workshop making some of the most awesome invitations I have ever seen. We take pride in our work – whether its the ability to use double-sided tape or getting the cut just right with a guillotine – tears. The hug I got from the coolest and trendiest kid on the block meant everything.

Towards the end of the three days when we were finalising things around 5pm I was shattered and started to get slightly “irries”. I might have wanted to cry. And that’s when you see the true mark of the people around you – who too are tired and possibly over-stressed – step-up and fill in the gaps, making a joke to lighten the mood and put things in perspective when you’re screaming – “can you just say the words like I told you, please?”

Great love this week to Ago and Sarah who rocked my world and made it a better place. About that piece of spinach from the gozleme that you let me walk around with in my teeth through three shoots – even if at the end of the day I’m not appearing on camera – there will be payback – like death and taxes – there are some things you can rely on in life.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

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  1. Psych Babbler

    Loved this post…meeting other people, hearing their stories…all of it puts so much of our own lives in perspective. I get to see that each day with my work and it has made me grow so much over the years! Hopped over from FYBF!

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