The Bird

This is a somewhat unusual post – you may be very a bit shocked.  So if you are of Hamish/Mormon decent easily offended may I suggest you stop reading now.

The Artist and I are back at work.  However, our brains are not back at work and his our warped sense of humour is clearly still alive and well*.

Cue, The Artist, Day 2 back at work in conversation with his PA.  Just outside his door is the office administrator (herself a bit unusual and informal and prone to random outbursts when aggravated – she’s been working there longer than any partner on record FYI) and another partner in the business, also engaged in conversation.

He doesn’t miss a beat, calls out to the office administrator and does this…..

Almost exactly like this except the finger is positioned slightly to the right of his nose.

Almost exactly like this except the finger is positioned slightly to the right of his nose.

Obviously, the woman – who will remain unnamed, had a jaw-dropping moment.

Jawdrop - same, same but different

Jawdrop – same, same but different – thought I’d stick with the theme here…..

You can only imagine what she thought (or didn’t apparently because this is supposedly not that unusual from either of them).  But being of feisty stuff, she didn’t miss a beat (jawdrop aside) and responded in kind.  Accompanied by some verbal.

Very well done Madame.  The Artist assures me she is fond of some verbal, sometimes unprovoked, as was the previous initial inspired gesture. Hence the informality and all.

Can you imagine if we all worked in such a place?  Would release a whole lot of tension I reckon and cut a whole lot of crap.  Not to mention the laughs.  Because you never know what’s coming.  Do you?

Don’t think I’ll try the technique though – not sure most places are ready for it.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

*I returned to work today without incident or finger raising.  Kudos?


  1. redlandcitygirl

    The team I worked in a few years back was awesome like that. Really miss them all. I used to say: “all the nice ones leave” but what did that say about me as I stayed there the longest??!

  2. Me

    Nice to work somewhere where a spade is called a spade and not a digging utensil !
    Have a great week – even if you are back at work !!

  3. Mum of Adult Kids

    That made me smile. A workplace where colleagues are relaxed and informal enough to goof about a little, is often more productive. I also prefer to work in an environment where people are free to say what they need to, without pussy-footing around. With respect, of course!

  4. EssentiallyJess

    I have never worked in an office so have no concept of politics or what not. This kinda makes me want to see what it’s like! 🙂

  5. Diane

    This makes me love and appreciate where I work all the more! Long live the outdoor & athletic industry! And welcome home?!?

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