Fiji time

Bula Fiji! It’s been real. We’re heading home tomorrow and up until an hour ago I’ve been so relaxed I’ve only half a heartbeat. (Bat escapades aside)

There’s a philosophy here called Fiji time. It’s basically an excuse to be really slow about everything, not keep to any schedule and just be happy that things happen at all.

And I get it completely under most circumstances.

Tonight at dinner Miss13 commented that I had something stuck in my tooth. Ah yes mom, confirmed Miss10 you do. Meant to tell you. And then The Artist weighed in to say he too had intended to say something and forgot. He noticed it when I was talking to a Lebanese hairdresser from Bankstown who wanted to talk to me all day because he loved the South African accent.


So naturally to minimize damage to my self esteem I asked whether it was from lunch that it was there and what it’s colour was. After some debate between See and Speak No Evil x 3 it was decided that it was from the multigrain roll I ate at breakfast at 9am. They kept meaning to tell me.

And with it being our last day I worked the pool. I got the managers business card, told him what a top establishment he had running here. I was like the hostess of fucking Fiji today, with a fat brown seed stuck in my tooth.

I get Fiji time, but telling someone 11 hours after you first notice that they have something stuck in their tooth….very very uncool people.

Speak and see no evil x3


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