Crocodile inspector Rhonda

Intending on going adventuring today, we couldn’t get our lazy arses out of bed so took to once again lounging at the pool. I got the VIP seat – a double deck chair with a cushion thing. There are only two available so I was a queen for the day. I did my morning water aerobics – the group were not very motivational – comprising mainly of children who tended to sink alot.

Settling back into my throne and getting stuck into my book, I was interrupted by a familiar voice (putting on his official tone) being heard saying ” what have we here? A crocodile? I’m the Inspector and I have strict instructions not to let any crocodiles past this point.” Oh Lord. The two five year olds on said crocodile then went to great lengths to assure the Inspector that it wasn’t a real crocodile. The Inspector then proceeded to examine the beast. And there was of course a problem. The crocodile was said to hold a max of 80kg’s. The Inspector interrogated the two boys about whether or not they thought they had exceeded the weight allowance. Being five years old, they weren’t entirely sure. The Inspector had bored of this now, spun the croc in the direction of the deep end and sent them on his way. As they were propelled forward he asked whether they could swim. Which was answered by the frantic father sprinting across the pool that no!,one of them couldn’t…..
I guess he didn’t say he was the lifeguard.

He then apparently went on to pretend to be a whale – but word had clearly gotten around and according to Miss13 the next lot of five year olds just ignored him. It was either that or his tan that he acquired with his sunnies on today rendered him very unwhale-like.

But he does look very much like someone we have come to know and love representing an insurance company. Ahhhhh, yes Inspector Rhonda, like a sunrise……

And as the sun sets here today it has to be said that The Artist in addition to booking good holidays also provides constant on board entertainment.

And here’s tonight’s sunset,

Love and light
Lauren xxx


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