Like ONJ in water!

It’s been a quiet one here today.

So I do have some breaking news.

Amidst much mockery and laughter, the highlight of my day today (and yesterday if I’m honest) was the pool aerobics.

Knowing me as you do, this would be something I would normally mock the shit out of and sit on the side laughing at its participants.

However, caught up in the spirit of all things Fiji and the unbridled enthusiasm of the activities instructor – who is built clearly more for rugby than water aerobics (he is really quite lovely) I am like a young Olivia Newton-John but in water. I hope my spin crew have stopped laughing by the time I get back to Sydney. I can do the macarena in water, yes I can.

The Artist was filming the whole thing yesterday at the point where I lost concentration for less than thirty seconds and has been at pains to remind me of how my hands were going up and down whilst the rest of the pool was going from side to side. Funny apparently.

Speaking of things aerobic, the Artist has taken to playing touch rugby in the afternoons with a gang of Fijian activities people who call him The Springbok. They took time out from today’s pool volleyball game to point him out to the 40 people participating. He was rubbing cream into his six-pack at the time and when a young boy asked whether he really was A Springbok, the guy didn’t miss a beat telling the kid that with that body – what did he think.

And talking of things exercise and bodies – it’s really quite annoying that I can randomly turn around and find The Artist doing “crunches” or some ab exercise on the pool chair. I keep thinking he’s having a seizure or something. I mean seriously – who does that? It’s not like he’s given birth or anything that it’s entirely necessary and to be honest is a poor reflection on the writer here who feels she maybe should be doing more that the water aerobics. Just saying.

But………….at least I didn’t run my toe into a rock today whilst “scoring a try” during the aforementioned touch rugby game. I am unable to post pictorial evidence as I was asked nicely not to. It looks similar to the toe that kicked the violin a while back but is the middle one on the other foot this time. It is a nice purpley colour between the nail and the toe and is becoming progressively more painful I am told. Considering yesterday’s post clearly the run of injuries is not over. I will continue to keep you updated.

And maybe you’ll get to see The Toe tomorrow 🙂

Love and light
Lauren xxx


  1. Me

    Sounds like you are having a great time over there !!!!! The Artist is definitely not in the ‘modest’ category is he ?????? LOL
    Hope the run of injuries stops soon so you don’t need a flying ambulance to get you home !!!
    Have a fantastic day (while I am at work keeping the wheels of economy turning !!!)

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