A series of mishaps

Being the clumsy one in the family, I take great joy when the focus shifts every now and again. It doesn’t happen often you see.

However, in the past two days, The Artist has been somewhat accident prone.

He mentioned yesterday morning how he had clearly banged something in the night going to the toilet but finding himself lost in the cupboard. This only came to light after bemoaning an unfortunate incident where he tried to close a drawer with a hip movement and a certain appendage connected with the knob. It still works, don’t worry:)

There was also an incident yesterday in the pool involving a rugby ball and a rock and a finger. Required ice.

This morning after someone forgot their sensitivity training and called someone else a dum dum, the dum dum forgot about said finger and took a flying leap into The Artist, who put up his hand in defense. There was an almighty crunching sound and then the fetal position was assumed. I think that one was a bit painful – perhaps even more than the knob….

Which brings us to the final chapter, today is technically not over yet but i think we’re being careful. After a half hour jet skiing excursion we made for the pool. Only three of us made it in safely. The fourth kind of skidded, did the splitz and flew in on his arse.

His groin is now damaged.

We’ve had many laughs.

And this concludes the series of unfortunate incidents.

We hope.


  1. Me

    I don’t like to laugh at other’s misfortunes but it certainly sounds like he has been in the wars recently !!!!! I hope that this type of event stops soon !!!!
    Have a great day !

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