Not the cleaner

Day 1 in Fiji went well.

30 seconds after I left the room in the morning I accosted a cleaner coming out of a room to tell him that we were off for the day and that our rooms were available for servicing.

“I too am a guest at the hotel” the gentleman informed me.

I had just asked a guest to clean my room……

The Artist, always sensing the trainwreck before it happens had kept walking and by the time I caught up to him, wailing my embarrassment, he was quite hysterical with laughter that some poor bastard leaving his room, minding his own business had been asked to clean a fellow guests room.

Later at the pool I had to duck and dive to avoid the gentleman, much to my family’s amusement. The Artist wanted to take a picture of us – me apologizing and shaking hands and all but let’s face it – it would only have made it worse.

So take note people, unlike Thailand, guests in Fiji are not only Anglo’s. And even if they happen to be coming out of a room, dressed in white and brown (hotel corporate colours btw) and they look to your naked eye like a Fijian national and there’s a cleaners trolley waiting outside, DO NOT, under any circumstances assume that they will clean your room. Because perhaps, they are a guest.

That is all. Excuse me now while I continue to die of shame.

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