Not resolving to resolve

I’ve been waiting for the fat lady to sing on this one for about ten months.

SIng your heart out baby because it's done.

Sing your heart out baby because it’s done.

As the last few hours of 2012 were about to roll and we were waiting for our NYE guests, between muddling limes and smashing ice for caprioshka’s I told The Artist I was so happy to see the back of 2000 and fucking 12.  It’s been a crap year.    A year of indecision, a year of feeling physically not as strong as usual and not having the wherewithal to say “pull your finger out of your arse and get on with it” and just a kind of ugghhh year of mediocre everything.

In saying that I am not bounding into 2013 with a backpack of resolutions strapped to my very sunburnt self.  Perhaps I should resolve to be better with the sunblock, hat and umbrella when spending the day on Bondi Beach?  And no – if you see me in the next few days, I did not get Botox for Christmas, I got sunburn for New Years Day.

Where exactly where these boys with their reminder when I needed them?

Where exactly where these boys with their reminder when I needed them?

Going back to the resolutions, a few nights ago I decided that what’s lacking is more personal.  Simple, everyday inspiration deserted me.  Along with much laughter.  Yes, there are things that amuse me, but laughing out loud – that real stuff, not so much.  Where the hell has it gone I ask?  And yes, holding onto that toxic stuff – small aggravations – can’t be the stuff that laughs are made of.  Even when you try and “laugh” them off.

And because you forget how to laugh

And because you forget how to laugh.

Spending time with friends over the past few days I’ve heard many resolutions – to stop drinking, to start exercising, to eat healthy.

Putting that all into a simple nutshell (hopefully one that housed a tamari almond – yes you buggers – where have you been all my life?), I think we’re after that basic happy feeling.  Whatever that means to you.  And let’s take the pressure off people.  How long can we live in a cooker of our own design?

Even when YOU don't think so.

Even when YOU don’t think so.

I’m still not going out there resolving this or that.  I’m going to just see what happens and try to make sure that 2013 rocks the house.

Wishing all of you “the happy”.  May 2013 make us laugh.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

p.s. I found this and couldn’t help myself. Bahahahahaha!

And yes - I know this is all kinds of inappropriate.

And yes – I know this is all kinds of inappropriate.



One comment

  1. Me

    Thanks for making me chuckle out loud (couldn’t laugh as I am at work and everyone would think I was more nuts than usual !!!).
    I’m not keen on resolutions – this year I plan to look after myself better and get my body fitter and healthier than it has been.
    I send out a Thought for the Day (Mon-Fri) if you would like me to include you just shoot me your e-mail address and I will add you to the list.
    Have the best day possible !

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