I am a dot com

I’m a completely self taught computer person.  Notice, I did not say genius.  Practically from the get go.  When I was studying, we learned to type on typewriters – the fancy kind though – not those bastards with the inky ribbons and such.  I was ace at typing – only A I got I think.

In my first job we were in the baby stages – basic basic wordprocessing programs – yes, wordperfect, I’m talking to you.   I did okay – there was really nothing to it.

Around ’93 I took a year off to kick up my heels and get down and dirty on a kibbutz in Israel.  It was also an opportunity to learn to drink like a serious mofo – a skill which to this day serves me well.

During that year, something else rather momentous happened.  Aside from my newly acquired bad habit skill.  Yup – Windows baby.

I arrived home, shattered to be back in the real world and faced with this bullshit computer stuff that was like a new language. Enter Matthew – self confessed computer geek and Windows afficionado.  We were both bored shitless – I was answering a phone that never rang – still not sure what he was doing there- so he made it his life’s work to teach me all things Microsoft and that a mouse was not in fact a rodent in all senses of the word.

Here kitty kitty kitty!

Here kitty kitty kitty!

He was a lefty which saw me use the mouse with my left hand for almost ten years before I changed over – not realising that it wasn’t part of the whole Windows thing and that people who are right handed generally use the mouse, WITH THEIR RIGHT HAND.  Like a pen, you know.

Anyhoo – many years later now – I am playing practically blind on this blog with it’s technicalities and making it up as I go along – Matthew unfortunately is long gone.  So I logged on yesterday intending on writing a post and up pops a message that I can own my domain name for a mere $18.  I mean, what can you get for $18 these days?  Not even an eyebrow wax.

So, after consulting with my computer genius SIL (she’s a real live geniune one), and being reassured that the entire blog won’t disappear into nothingness, I bought my domain name and it “mapped over” (not sure what that means exactly but it makes me sound like I know what I’m talking about).

So – trumpets……………….I am officially alwayslauren.com

Fucking über cool ladies and gentlemen.  Miss13 does not understand the excitement nor the fact that I want to run around whooping and “throwing my hands in the air like you just don’t care”. Her father and I apparently have the worst dance moves.  Wait til your 21st baby – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I feel like iCarly.com

And if you don’t know who that is, then shame on you.  Shame! But if you’re reading this, you know alwayslauren.com

Entertaining tweens globally - and their mothers.

Entertaining tweens globally – and their mothers.

Yeah Baby – that’s how we now roll. *throws hands in the air and runs around whooping*

I'm like this excited!

I’m like this excited!

Love and light

Lauren xxx


  1. Me

    Good work and congratualtions !!!!!!
    Have the best day ! K has already said she doesn’t want a 21st (I think she is scared of what dance moves A and I might pull out on the night !!!)

  2. Ai Sakura

    Oh yay! Congrats on your blog milestone! I remember the time I got my dotcom.. Such a great feeling for a blogger 🙂

    Just popping by the first time from IBOT. Hope to get to know more of you. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Mandie

    You have inspired me!
    I have been meaning to get my own .com for a while now and don’t because I, too, am scared my blog will disappear. I’ll get there eventually…

  4. Rina

    Buying my own domain and hosting are the best decision I made for my blog. I can do all the twists and tweaks whenever I want. It takes your blog into better level too especially if you are trying to make something out of it. Congratulation on your new domain!

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