Words from a wise woman and a new take on the prize of the year

I am going to reflect on the week that was – because I am bear tired (see below) and can’t for the life of me think of an actual story to relay.

A very tired bear

This is me – like a tired bear reflecting

At this time of year, it’s really hard to get me excited about anything or even vaguely inspired.  Sitting at Miss13’s Speech Night I saw that the guest speaker was an astrophysicist or something.  Bo-ring.  I settled in with my fall back position – Words With Friends – expecting to ride out the night fidgeting and sighing.  But oh – it was not to be.  The lovely Ilana Feain – had me enthralled 10 seconds in.  And wow.  Her messages – you don’t have to be a genius to be a success, you do have to love what you do to be a success and when the going gets tough – batten down the hatches and then get the fuck out if all else fails and find  your new place in the world. (Well, she didn’t exactly say it in those words).


This is a real life Astrophysicist and she is awesome sauce!

But I think for kids in what can only be described as a very competitive world, it’s important to know that high school is not going to define you for the rest of your life.  What you put on Facebook might (yes, she did mention that) but high school – not so much.


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what happens here, sure gets around fast……..

I have to say that high school was not my shining moment.  It was a time of great confusion in terms of what exactly I was doing there and who I was.  I guess sometimes its just a case of riding the wave and being able to get back to the beach.

Going back to the evening itself, during the awarding of the prizes, when the second year group had concluded Miss10 sitting next to me huffed indignantly and said she thought the whole thing was very very rude.  Apparently to award someone a prize for the “Dumbest of the Year” was uncool – seriously, who does that? Quote, unquote.  I had a moment of confusion and then thankfully there was very loud clapping for the next Dumbest because while she had heard Dumbest, they were in fact awarding the Dux.

Love and light

Lauren xxx

p.s. Tomorrow I am participating in a marathon spin ride for Day of Difference.

Tomorrow also marks the 9 year anniversary of Sophie Delezio’s first accident – her Day of Difference. Please take a moment to think of Sophie and all the other courageous children in Australia who have suffered a critical injury and spare a thought for their parents and families too.

Many of you have generously sponsored my three hour ride – if you haven’t yet had an opportunity to do so and would like to –  please help by partnering with me on this venture and making our difference. The link to my page is below – give it a click – giving feels good and we are almost at our fundraising target. Thank you in advance.http://www.everydayhero.com.au/lauren_finn


  1. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions

    Oh that’s funny. I remember when I was a kid I said to my Mum that I wanted to be a librarian, my little sister misheard me and went on to tell Dad when he got home, with the voice of incredulity, that I wanted to be a barbarian!

    Good luck with your ride tomorrow!

  2. Grace

    Sounds like that was a very inspiring speech!
    Good luck for the ride tomorrow! Sophie Delezio and her family are just amazing people,aren’t they ?

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