Friday evening – one cocktail to the wind post

Hey lovelies

Its Friday night and like major YAY!!!!! for making it through the week in tact. It hasn’t been easy. Reason over temper and again, yay!!!!!! A late email today nearly sent me over the edge but as The Artist pointed out, it’s not like I signed it, so whatevs. And by God! The man is right!

I have Calvin Harris blasting out of Spotify – because he’s my happy person.

An hour ago I made myself a most awesome Caprioshka – even if I say so myself.


Then I ran out of ice. Major Fail. The Artist had come home early to watch some cricket test and flatly refused to run up the road to the bottle store. So uncool. I’m reduced to the usual voddies with DC and lime.

Miss10 has just arrived in the study with her cupcake candle purchased at a school fete. Beautiful. A true light. In the background are The Artists weights – that’s how he maintains those “big guns”.


We’ve switched to Nirvana’s Come as You Are because there are such major memories associated with this song.

I’m off to a friend’s 50th dinner shortly. I don’t know what the hell to wear. Will probably be arriving all rock chick when I’m supposed to be more smart casual. The heat wave is clearly messing with me.

And further to my facebook post earlier, it’s the 30th of November – the party season has OFFICIALLY kicked in. Thank God. No rules. And I will personally kick your arse if you check if it’s five o’ clock in the world somewhere – because the rules only kick in again on 1 February.

Love and light and hydrate with vodka or your poison of choice this weekend.

Lauren xxxx

One comment

  1. Me

    LOL – enjoy your dinner tonight. Waiting for K to get home from work and grocery shopping as it’s her turn to cook dinner !!!
    Have a great weekend – a visit to the osteo and then car shopping is on the cards for us tomorrow. I am sure that the cricket will feature somewhere in there as well !! Go Australia !!!!
    Take care in the heat.

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